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Trying to find out what a bike was

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pete fallen, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, I saw a bike a couple of days ago in the city (melb) and I'm trying to find out what kinda of bike it was. Unfortunately all I really have to go on is that it looked like a Harley but can't be too sure. And when the head light is on there is a little set of LEDs that have a scrolling red light from side to side, my hope is that that was a stock thing because other than that it looked like a very nice bike until he turned off and I couldn't see any of the branding I was trying to find.

    Any help greatly appreciated


  2. sounds like one of the M boulevards, suzuki m50 or m90 maybe even m109r

    edit: i must be thinking of something else...
  3. Vespa

    did you nod?
  4. Could have been an aftermarket taillight.
  5. It didn't look like it was connected to the taillight but rather under the back of the seat still with the tail light down from it but further back.

    Definetly wasn't a vespa haha
  6. Victory.
  7. The red led lights would be aftermarket as you are not supposed to shine red forward otherwise people think you are going away from them and smidsy you.
  8. I've been told on more than a couple of occasions that my bike looks like a Harley. Its a Virago 1100cc if that helps.