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Trying to find motordyke

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by doozerberry, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Sorry for any inconvience, but I am trying to find a user who sometimes goes by the name motordyke on another website, as I am unable to communicate with them on that site.

    If this is you, send me a PM!

    Thanks, Dooz
  2. hi all,

    am looking for any other available lesbians, name unimportant. willing to convert at least once or twice. thanks....
  3. Ok, we have a pronoun problem.....

    You are looking for a person with a particular nick, but you are unable to communicate with THEM....

    See, there's your problem. If you had said him, (assuming the person is a him) then that would have eliminated half the human race as a suspect straight away. Likewise if you had said her. But a plural and singular together just doesn't cut it.....
  4. Hi Hornet,

    The idea is that hopefully the actual person will read this and respond, however, as the nick would suggest motordyke is indeed a female. Hope this helps.

  5. Yeah, don't take it too seriously, I was just playing my usual pedantic word games. Hoep you find the lady.....
  6. Ah, and there is your problem :roll:

    The definition of lesbian is a woman who loves other women. I believe you would be hoping for a bisexual!! :p
  7. Thanks Hornet. Its just so my partner and I can arrange a ride one day and get to know some more women in our 'other' community.
  8. I find it hysterical that a post commenting on the correct use of grammar contains a spelling mistake.

    I see something, something that looks like a pot, no, it's a kettle. It has a voice. It is shouting something. Ah, I see, it is indeed black.
  9. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    U bete I two it
  10. Yeh, I'm a lesbian. Whatta you want Doozie? I'm up for a ride! :grin:
  11. She means bikes..
  12. doozerberry, try WIMA
  13. Cruel and unecessary, cejay :LOL:

    {I wish I'd have noticed that, I may well have posted the same thing :LOL:.}
  14. No, Paul - cruel and necessary! :p :LOL:
  15. hehe sorry, bad grammar.... should have been: name unimportant, someone who is willing to convert...
  16. I was bisexual for a while... Every time I wanted sex I had to go and bi it. :(
  17. Looking at the bruising in the ring area on your photos (for which I am still receiving therapy, thanks buddy), I find questions on the "was" portion of your statement, Loz.

  18. Nah, he WAS buying it, now he gives it away FREE :p

  19. ring area?....
  20. yeah, third finger of his left hand, he caught it in door :LOL:.