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Trying to decide on a 600 first bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Mickeym, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. Hey, once again i'm on here for yet more advice.

    Now i've been doing alot of research over the last month or two, and i'm glad i have because i have learnt alot and my idea's have changed many times.

    So i'm only a month and a half from gettin my opens (with q-ride program).

    I've desided to get a second hand bike thats a few yrs old (97-02) and i'ld like to spend around the 7-9K mark. Plus i want a bike that i like the look of so naked is out.

    I'm down to these bikes:

    ZX6 (deff not a R verson!)
    TT600 (this bike has caught my eye, its different, its gd for larger riders, plus its not too expensive)
    GS500 (this is the bike my brain says go for, but my heart still yells triumph)

    Its a battle between brains and heart, but i do plan on doing the q-ride course as well as a advanced riders course before i jump onto one of these 100hp monsters.

    Any other fairing bikes people can recommend?

    P.S. cheers for everyones help, i dunno where i would b without you guys advice.
  2. Re: Trying to deside on a 600 first bike

    Honda CBR600F4 perhaps? (specs are very similar to the TT600).
  3. daytona triumph 675....mmmmmmm, droo

  4. Bahahaha you don't needa tell me!, but for a first bike? buying new? Plz by all means tell me its a gd idea because its wat i want to hear :)
  5. yea i've seen it and i love the Er-6f but my problem in gettin new is that i really have no idea on my style of riding, so i don't wanna buy a new bike then a year or two later say i want a daytona 675.

    So i wanna get a nice second hand bike in which i can find myself on, then once i know my style i can look into a new bike :)
  6. Re: Trying to deside on a 600 first bike

    No such thing. The model in question is the ZX-6R. That said, anyone who finds a pre-2003 ZX-6R uncomfortable needs some scar tissue paddled onto their pinko-pansy anal.

    It's by far the most "adult" of the bikes on your list; the most powerful motor and the highest-spec suspension (plenty of scope to dial the thing into handling like a lemon rolling across a kitchen floor)

    Good choice. Unintimidating engine and chassis. Comfy. Good brakes. Dates back from when Yamaha's finish was, frankly, shit.

    Another good choice. Longer and heavier than the YZF600, but with more motor and comfort. Long in the tooth, though. The bits that matter are, essentially, of 1990 vintage.

    With how boring-looking it is, perhaps?

    Triumph sold sfa of them. That makes for iffy parts availability if you launch it. Lovely chassis, with pretty high-spec brakes (braided lines from stock-zing) and bouncy bits.

    Their lack of popularity has been reflected in their prices; they can be picked up for absolutely silly money. I've seen a couple of 2001 models go for, like, $5500.

    If you find one for that sort of cash, go for it.

    Next to the rest of your list, the GS is a piece of farm equipment. Offset against that, though, for the sort of money you're looking to spend, you could pretty much get a brand-new GS500F (keep in mind the faired version only came out here in, umm, 2003), and for someone of your age and traffic experience, it's probably the best choice.

    At 20, you haven't yet developed the sixth sense which keeps people out of hospital when out on the road. That's not being condescending, but realistic.

    Other bikes to look at would be:

    -Honda CBR600F4 ('99-'00), sometimes referred to as the CBR600FX and CBR600FY (X=>'99 model, Y=>'00 model).
    -Suzuki SV650 (should be able to pick up an early one for less than the minimum you have budgeted for)

    Ultimately, however, this will be your first bike; whatever you get, it'll be like starring in your own porno for you, so buy something cheap and common, so you can afford to lob it, both emotionally and financially.
  7. I've been riding since October, 1998. In that time, I've been through 14 bikes.

    If you find yourself to have outgrown a particular bike, or if something else catches your eye, swap. There's no law against it
  8. I hear that. I've been on the road just 4 1/2 months and have already bought and sold two bikes... they just weren't right for me.

    I'm now on my 3rd and I think I have it right, only time will tell...

    To be fair I have been a bit foolish and gung ho in my purchase decisions and perhaps should have shopped/test ridden a few more before I bought afore mentioned bikes, but it hasn't hurt me much financially (yet).

    It seems to be the way of bikes and people are swapping/upgrading all the time. One thing I have found very refreshing to date is that the bike community tend to be enthusiasts so its quite easy to find a nice bike in good condition at the right price if you look around.
  9. Kurtis' post has reminded me of another fully faired bike that might suit your budget - the Hyosung GT650R (think new prices are in your budget, probably more learner friendly than a 600cc parallel-4).
  10. same engine as mine....trust me she gets up and gos :grin:
  11. Same engine as the SV650/Cagiva Raptor too (more or less).
  12. Yea but i'm also looking at resale value, as i want to start one one bike leanr wat i want in a bike (as well as riding skills) then get myself a new bike that fits me :)
  13. Fair enough, not too many GT650Rs on the used market (yet). Most of the Japanese 600s seem to be fairly consistent in terms of used value so you really can't go wrong with any of them. Try them all, see which one seems the most comfortable/looks the best then go with that. Definately a good idea to go with something used as a first bike (perhaps look at something that already has some minor cosmetic damage) since your chances of dropping it are fairly high - even if it is just a low speed drop.
  14. Blimey :shock: :shock: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Re: Trying to deside on a 600 first bike

    ZX6 (deff not a R verson!) --- good bike, i got a 9 instead
    YZF600 --- good but unless money is an issue, i'd get a cbr600f instead
    ZZR600 --- very touring if thats what u want
    TT600 --- similar to the yzf600, but the yzf is cheaper
    GS500 --- as long as you dont like to go fast
  16. With the ZX6, they're all either a R or RR. bugger all difference really :) (unless you're going to a track anyway)

    Comfort your thing? pre 03 will keep you in good hands :) that's when they completely changed the bike.
  17. ok so am i just being silly going for a 600cc straight up? or can it be done (given i'm not to wrist happy).

    My brain is saying go for the GS500, but i don't wanna go through the trouble or buying then having to sell only a few months down the track...
  18. I chatted with an older rider, perhaps only 5' 6" tall, yesterday. He'd got the new Kawa for Christmas, said he loved it but couldn't get the rear shock adjusted properly.

    That's not a criticism, but he was a very experienced rider so I guess the comment does have some relevance.

    And Micky, what's wrong with naked bikes, go on, get a Hornet!!!???
  19. lol not a huge fan of naked, plus i plan on doing a bitta highway riding.