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Trying to clean the fuel tank.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by cash, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. Greetings all...

    Trying to clean the fuel tank..

    Did a search and the closest to what I was looking for was this one..

    Anyway.. have a few side questions:

    1. Do you only use fuel to rinse the fuel tank or can you use water to rinse it and let it try completely before refueling again?

    2. Mine doesn't come with the fuel filter.. How do you install one? Connect the inline filter in between the fuel tap and the hose that was suppose to connect directly to the tap? Does it look like this?

    3. Which one is the breather? The smaller hose next to the fuel hose?

    By the way.. my bike is a ZXR250c

    Thanks for any advice.
  2. my fuel filter looks like this (the brown one is a dirty one) [you need to copy the address, and manually enter it into your address bar... otherwise it wont work]

    as for flushing your tank; that's what i did. i emptied the fuel into a bucket, then put some fuel into the tank and shook it around. there's probably a better way to do it.

    as for the fuel filter, you will need to get new fuel lines; then get urself an inline filter (like the ones in the link above)

    not too sure for the breather; i dont have a breather line (i think its coz i have a fuel pump in my bike... besides, my tank isnt airtight anyway) - only an overflow.
  3. Whats wrong with ur tank??
    I had rust in mine once apon a time, so what u can do is drain it dry, then chuck in a handfull of small bolts/nuts. Shake and then flush with anti corosive stuff and then petrol.
    Fuel filters are easy to install, just cut the fuel line and put in fuel filter.
  4. Thanks dudes..

    Reason why I am mucking around with the fuel tank is because ....

    2nd time it had happened to me.. Ran out of fuel at the lights. push aside.. and switch to reserve.. Have to wait for at least 20 seconds before I can start it up again.. sometimes up to a minute (Not sure if it's just me or it happens to most bikes?)... Anyway after starting.. continue my riding..

    Half way thru, the bike choked.. like fuel cutting off and back on vice versa... Engine still runs..but will eventually stall like running out of fuel.. Have to muck around with the PRI, choke and shake the bike back and forth... then only manage to start the bike.. it will run fine until I fill it up again.

    Very weird..
  5. After washing the tank out with fuel, rinse with metho. This will absorb any water moisture remaining in the tank.

    The hose next to the fuel line on the tap, I suspect, is a vacuum line.

    My tank has another two lines, overflow and breather.
  6. There's no real reason not to wash it out with good old soap and water. As it will probably take a number of wash and rinse cycles this is a better option than wasting lots of expensive fuel. To the job properly you usually need some decent panhandling skills. :)

    Just make sure you dry it out properly using one of the mentioned methods.
  7. Have you checked that the breather vent on the fuel tank is clear, if not as you suck more fuel out a vacuum will form and the engine will starve for fuel. See if when opening the fuel cap you get a vacuum sound.