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Trying to bypass immobilliser on TL100R for remote start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by cheky, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I have had an alarm installed on my bike. Its a 99 TL1000R. problem is that as it has a factory immobiliser the only way the bike will start via the remote is if the ignition is turned on. When the ignition is off if you press the start button the lights turn on, motor cranks but there is no spark or fuel pump. The auto electrian is stumped and so am i.
    Any suggestions how we can do this?

  2. Not sure if yours is the same system, but the HISS will request a code from the key and the key responds in kind, and this all relays back to the ECU, i think.... so there is no bypassing... But i dont know if yours is the same...
  3. no factory immobiliser on that model at all....there is a 100 ohm resistor across two of the wires...that will be your trouble...time for a new auto elec...its something he SHOULD know
  4. here some more info to help you out.....disconnect the ignition....when the switch is turned on the red and the orange are closed circuit,the green and brown closed circuit,orange/yellow and black/white are closed circuit however.....between one of the 3 circuits is a 100 ohm resistor(may be the orange/yellow and black/white) all you do to check which ones it is,is probe the two wires with the switch disconnected but turned on and one pair will show resistance.....there the two wires that are giving you trouble....the wiring diagram DOESNT show what happens inside the barrel but thats what it will be....on another note in regards to HISS,Kawasaki,yamaha and suzuki immobilisers,there IS a way to fix ECU's with lost keys and re training the ECU to another key....the only one thats not possible is ducati ecu as they have a rolling code...you can start them but when you turn it off your back to square one
  5. There is no HISS system on the TLR's. :)
  6. Thanks so much. Remote start working perfectly now
  7. Hey all,

    Sorry to resurrect a year old thread, but I am trying to do exactly the same thing for a 2000 model GSXR750. I have connected the alarm and everything seems to be working fine, however I can't get a wiring diagram that matches the colours of the wiring loom coming off the ignition barrel. The Engrish instructions that came with the cheap alarm say I need to cut the "Engine Off" wire and wire the unit into that.

    Here is the ignition loom pulled out, as you can see lots of orange and a few different tracers. The thicker red wire is the 12V+, and I'm guessing the thicker orange (hanging seperate to the main loom) is the feed from the ignition back to the ECU, but couldn't get continuity so not sure:


    I tried a couple of the wires that the service manual I have and a scanned diagram I downloaded suggested, but when I hit the remote start button nothing happened except that the 12V+ wire coming from the alarm unit got hot enough to start melting it's insulation. To make matters more confusing some wires change colour/tracer each side of a connector, which is making them hard to ID!

    Has anyone done this on a similar Zook, or can suggest a simple way to diagnose the wire I'm looking for? I'm not discounting that there is a problem with the cheap crappy alarm unit, and if I can't get the remote start working I'm not going to be hugely upset - the alarm is working OK so far and it's plenty loud enough to serve it's purpose!

    Any help greatly appreciated!