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Trying some supermoto racing on a BSA Thunderbolt

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Ezyryder, May 15, 2007.

  1. Don't think old Brit bikes can handle and be chucked about a bit?

    Would I do this on my Trumpy? Not on your life!


    Takes a while to open (think it's 12Mb) but worth it for something different :)
  2. Yee-hawww!! :LOL: :LOL: Good stuff!! :LOL:

    Okay it wasn't any ole Brit machine .. but I used to toss my old Yammy XS650's around like that. Fond memories of throwing it around the Reefton Spur back in '89/90 .. get to the junction at the top with a melted Cheng Shin on the rear ..

    Then from there head down to Marysville past the Lake Mountain turnoff havin' a ball all the way on what was still dirt & gravel back then.

    Thanks for the clip :grin: :grin:
  3. The ol' bike has some grunt, itd be pretty heavy too! Just chuckin it around like a rag doll :LOL:
  4. For sure, it's good riding considering :cool:
  5. Keep practicing Andy, you'll get there. And when you do i'll come and film it. :wink: :LOL:

  6. How does he lock up the rear when his right foot on the ground?
  7. The old Trump's, BSA's and Nortons had the gearshift on the right and the rear brake on the left. My Norton 850 Interstate was like that.
  8. :shock: wow, that must take some getting used to :?
  9. It took no getting used to at all... it was the normal layout.

    What took getting used to was generally the first Japanese bikes ridden... which were backwards :LOL: