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Trying out new helmets before buying

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dammit, May 29, 2012.

  1. I need a new helmet, full face. My first helmet was a cheapie full face (M2R brand), it is SO NOISY. Wind noises at 100km/hr would have to be damaging my hearing.

    Anyway, I know I can go to a shop and try on all their helmets, but just because one fits well doesn't mean it is going to be quiet and well designed to minimize wind noise.

    Is there any shops, Sydney or Brisbane, that allow you to maybe go for a 2 min ride trying a helmet at 100km/hr before you buy it??

    The next helmet I buy I want to make sure it is right.

    If not I am guessing the only way forward will be studying reviews online for what others have found to be good quiet helmets.

    I'm thinking of getting one with a dark sun visor built in that I can drop down. At the moment I only have a clear visor but then wear prescription sunnies too. If I get a built in visor I will either squint because my eye sight is deteriorating or wear clear spectacles underneath. Trying to stop things that fog up tho!

    Thought I'd see what everyone's thoughts are? I hope to not have to spend more than $300 this time if possible.
  2. Cheaper option would be get a good helmet that fits and ear plugs. Most helmets have significant noise at 100kph but I have started using fitted earplugs and it makes a massive difference and allows me to get a good fitting helmet to keep my head in once piece.

    Cheers Spocky
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    Get them to turn on a high powered fan and stand infront of it with your helmet on? Lol

  4. For noise, you're probably not going to get much joy. Not sure if i'd let someone nick off with a helmet for a few hours.

    Wear it around the store for as long as you like to make sure that you can wear your glasses, cos' that's pretty important.

    Best to probably ask around. Maybe attend a learners session to ask other riders in person?
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    I remember seeing a thread on here recently about helmets being tested for a rating system and I am pretty sure this was one of the tests.

    I will see if I can dig it up again.

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  7. The only time I've ever been allowed to take a helmet out of the store without buying it was when I went on an unplanned test ride and the store was kind enough to lend me one. Otherwise I think you'll find it hard to get a "test ride" of a helmet although I would think this would be a good practice for a store to do. I would be more inclined to part with $1k for a helmet if I was sure it was perfect.

    In terms of asking around for which helmet has less wind noise (I think this has been covered a few times elsewhere) I think it comes down to the shape of your head and to a lesser extent your neck. I've been told that some helmets are noisy but for me they were quiet and vice versa.
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    Don't forget to run toward the fan to test wind noise at highspeed.

    Just wear earplugs and you shouldn't have any problem with wind noise. Try the Shark S900, I'm pretty sure it have an internal sun visor. Peter Stevens is having it on sale for $300 at the moment.
  9. @ OP - the simple answer is NO....

    You can't "have a ride in their lid"

    Just buy a Shoei XR1100 and be done with it (y)
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  10. Actually Yes - we at RHOK allow it

    but you have to leave a $500 cash security ( the price of our carbon fibre helmets ) which if the helmet comes back even with the faintest scratch on it you will forfeit but you can keep the damaged helmet

    we have a outlet in Brisbane and Sydney
  11. Hmm there is no such thing as a quiet helmet. It's just a fact.
    There are loud ones and not so loud ones.

    I bought a Shoei TZ-X on the basis it was supposed to be quiet. It's less noisy with the chin curtain in place but still should wear ear plugs for long rides.
    And if I wasn't already deaf from driving a Land Rover Defender, I probably would.

    There are so many variables involved that it really is next to impossible for a manufacturer to make a quiet helmet.

    Shape of everyone's head is different for a start the helmet will sit at a slightly different angle on your head as opposed to mine.

    Factor in speed, wind direction, the eddies the front of your bike creates and how and where that hits your helmet, any screen you may or may not have... too many variables.

    Just buy the helmet that fits your head the best. Think safety and comfort, and if it happens to be noisy use earplugs.
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  12. Everyone is saying no you can't try one on and then go for a ride.. it may be true to the places they've been... the only way to find out for sure is to ask the shop individually.

    you never know they may allow it if you left some sort of deposit or signed something that said if you destroyed it you buy it.

    just like trying out a bike.

    in my experience.. i just tried one on and wear earphones that cancel out the noise.

    i don't think there is any helmet on the market that is super duper quiet anyway..
  13. quieter = less ventilation

    try a base model shoei
  14. Get some industrial ear plugs . Dont get those useless foam, soft plugs.They dont do the job.You can buy plugs with various noise suppression ratings. I bought some for $3.50.They do a perfect job.If desperate use Blutak!
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  15. Helmet only play a very small role in the noise. Windscreen angle or lack of one can play a big part.
    AGV type helmets make the noise deeper i think. Say than an X11.
    In the Shoei I can tell the sound of a car coming up. It's different than the wind noise. In an AGV not so much. All the noise is a drone. But the AGV does feel the quieter helmet.
    But is it? or just a different noise?
  16. nothing you can do buddy, just wear earplugs for longer rides.

    Riding a bike will impact your hearing in the long run permanently, much like going to death metal concerts or rifle shooting will. Earplugs help a lot though i find.
  17. Shark helmets for me are the quietest, the snugger the fit all over the less noise.
  18. Noise is caused by openings and other bumps, the smoother the helmet the less noise. Thats what i have found anyway.

    Of course that can mean they are hotter as less ventalation.
  19. Discrimination against death metal!

    Pretty much any rockish live music is way too loud.

    http://www.earjobs.com.au/collections/motor-bike-rider - I've got the Etymotic ER-20 for gigs but found it is way too uncomfortable to even try and put a helmet on. I might get Alpine Motosafe Earplugs as currently I'm just using disposable foam type ones.
  20. i have seen those alpine earplugs advertised in the back of amcn, im considering them myself but spending 50$ in one hit for something id likely lose is hard compared to buying 1$ earplugs each time i go for a long ride.