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Trying out a new stunt... Need volunteers.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Loz, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Ladies, here's your chance to become part of a stunting duo. Here's what I'm trying to emulate, my apologies in advance if I get a bit enthusiastic with the front brake.

  2. :LOL: Ahaha ahhh Loz

    Love her spead-eagled seating possie!
  3. Hahaha , he's wearing a helmet. She gets the safety of his crotch - I wonder if it's Snell 2005 approved?
  4. LMAO loz that's awesome.
  5. I bet she's [cue Beach Boys music] pickin up good vibrations...
  6. Loz please tell me you didn't get this from george w frost, he's made a pillock of himself in ausmoto atm.
  7. I have no idea, somebody posted it on B&S.
  8. count me out.
  9. heh, he has a boner, heh heh.