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Trying not to be a hoon

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Hartski, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. hey All,

    just wanted to introduce my self to the forums as i just got my first bike.

    Grew up on a hobby farm and spent 10 years riding a posty bike from about the age of 5.

    Moved back to the big smoke (Melbourne) at age 15 owned two cars but i couldnt resist getting back on a bike. Just bought a 1988 Honda Spada (19,000KM's very straight never dropped paid $2,700) and all the threads on here about it was a major influence on my decision. Been reading some of the near misses threads and im keen to start riding with some more experienced riders as to not end up with a thread in there of my own. Im ok in traffic, driven a car since i was 18, so i like to think i can read car drivers well, treat them all like there out to kill me. but road bikes are new too me and therefor would love to go on some easy rides with some better riders.

    Had my bike for just over a week and im in love!
  2. Greetings mate!

    Good luck with it, ive had mine for nearly two weeks and im loving it too! Except for the radiator problems and the rear wheel nut coming loose - fortunately with a happy ending (now that i realise it needed a split pin, it now has one.... stupid previous owners....), and the damn front brake lever being nicked and i didnt realise until i reached for it....
    Otherwise, now the few gremlins that came with the bike are nearly ironed out im having fun :p.

    Oh, love the signature too. Know the feeling.
    Little do they know i stopped listening to my mother years ago. :D
  3. hahah yeah i read about your front brake, little shits.

    Glad to say i havnt had any gremlins on my bike, had fork seals replaced yesterday but i knew it needed that when i got it. Wouldnt go back to the place i had it done, was supposed to do a RWC but it wasnt there when i went to get my bike, they were suppose to call me back today, and after i called them 3 times i got no response. no chance of getting one before next year now.... hope the dude i bought it off doesnt cancel his rego on me.

    99% of people have given me the speel and the statistics..... they just dont get it.
  4. Hi and welcome to NR.

    Road bikes are a bit like postie bikes, only invisible to cars.

    Once I get back from Tassie I will try to organise a few learner rides. Other people do as well so just keep your eyes posted on the calendar.
  5. yeah cool i think i just missed one tonight, i cant really tell the L's weekly ride thread has over 360 pages....

    I can do speeds upto 80KM's no worries, have done 110 but its a bit tough on a little naked 250, read some one rode their spada to Phillip Island GP with his wife on the back, cant imagine that....

    whats the deal with left glove first? some thing about not being able to put your helmut on or wanking perhaps?

    i love the nod, only just realised it happened. ****ing great. brightens my day for sure. i was shocked the first time some dude waved at me going the opposite direction, totally thought he knew me or some thing....
  6. welcome bud :)
  7. The nod :D.
    I think i offend some riders when i dont nod. I imagine they put it down to the L plates though.....
    I get SOOOOOO many here that i make a point of nodding to every 5th or so bike (thats about... 2 minutes between nods).
    If i do it to every bike ill get RSI. Or at the best, a big bulging neck.