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Trying Dunlops

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by hornet, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. Around 4,000 kms ago, when faced with my standard "Where can I get a 16" front tyre?" dilemma, my mechanic suggested a Dunlop. (Actually it was more that he HAD a 16" tyre in stock, rather than the brand, which made the decision easy.) So I got a GPR-200 on the front.

    This week it was time to get a new rear tyre, and he 'just happened' to have a Dunlop GPR-200 in stock in the right size, again, so I got it fitted yesterday.

    I don't know yet about wear and grip (just did a quick blat up Macquarie Pass and over through Jamberoo early this morning to scrub it in) but it sure wasn't as expensive as my last Bridgestone BT-021, which was $315 fitted back in October 2009. The Dunlop was $269, fitted.

    I'll report on how they both go.
  2. I love these tyres! I found the grip fine for me, those most sports touring riders probably push harder than I do. But what really impressed me was the fact I got 15,000km out of the tyres, of mostly upright highway riding, and the tyres at that point still had ok tread.

    You can only have two of these three things - any two, but only two: fast, good, cheap. Well, they're cheap; and if good = mileage then they're very good; and if fast = grip well I couldn't complain there either! So maybe with the GPR you can have two and a half of these three things!
  3. As far as I can tell, they look like the replacement or update to the GPR 100. I ran quite a few sets of them on my 400 and found them pretty good as far as dry grip. A bit more slippery in the wet though, if you compare them to the Bridgestone BT 014 I was running previously. If you don't go nuts on them, you should get good mileage as well. I could get between 4 and 7500 km depending on the pace.
  4. inferior to the battlax, you will be dissapointed
  5. September '11, Monkeyman was right!!! I've just replaced the Dunlop with a Bridgestone, and my confidence in the bike is restored.

    I'm not saying the tyre is bad, per se, but it didn't work out well in the 16" version on my bike :(.
  6. Hmm, I'm looking at changing my rear tyre end of month.
    Think I'll be sticking to the bt 023.
    Were on my tdm when I bought it and I've have no lack of confidence still after 12 thou k's.