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Try and Imagine this here

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Ljiljan, Jul 11, 2010.

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  2. holy friggin hell! that's intense!!!
  3. Ken lay would keel over
  4. If you take the speed in to consideration its alot easier to aviod one another.
  5. http://www.easts.info/activities/icra/2001/ICRA-ComparisonStudyMotorcycleDevelopment.pdf

    Stats in that link are a bit old, 11,318 were killed in 2008, down from 12,857 in 2007 (mandatory helmet laws were introduced at the end of 2007). Vietnam has a population of about 85,000,000.
  6. Fast or slow, if there were that much traffic in sydney or melbourne, there would be complete gridlock. It's interesting to note that going backwards infrastructure wise, letting traffic manage themselves rather than the state trying to manage the traffic, systems that seem like chaos actually work and the traffic moves rather than stops.

    I was looking for a thread someone wrote about a trip to beijing that had similar traffic management to the above video, but couldn't find it.
  7. wow thats full on. I would have shat myself on my L's in amongst that mess. Although it is a suprisingly well organised mess.
  8. I was in South Korea for 5 days some years ago, traffic full-on virtually 24 hours a day, but we saw only one accident; the drivers there respect each other and the privilege of the road. That said, I only saw 2 motorcycles, and that was in the heart of Seoul.
  9. I often work in China - 5-7 weeks a couple of times a year, and the traffic over there is very similar (not quite as busy, but full on nonetheless). With that much volume, it's incredible to see how efficient it can be. Over here with anything like that volume we'd be screwed!

    It's great to see how useful motorbikes (and bicycles) are in heavy traffic for relieving congestion :biker:

    Imagine if every one of those people were in a car!

  10. Having recently left Hong Kong after 8yrs there, I can certainly vouch with fellow members above regarding traffic flow in Asian cities !
    I opted to never ride a motorbike in Hong Kong due to the relentless 'pushing in' into lanes, cutting off other road users etc of nearly everyone on wheels, especially taxi drivers. Hong Kong though still has a reasonable display each day of riders, mostly locals who seem to love the ever popular CB400. There are many expat riders also, and most seem to ride larger types, such as Harleys and cruisers of various brands.

    If you wish to get a better appreciation of motorcycle representation, be it mopeds/scooters or otherwise, call into Taipei, Taiwan for a visit. Cars don't seem to exist on the roads there in comparison to motorcycles. Again, everything seems to flow nicely and I have never witnessed an accident during my many visits (overnights) there with work. Place an image of 50 motorcycles filtering to the front of every set of lights and you can envisage our authorities trying to grasp this concept....NOT !!!

    Asians, in general (through my experiences) seem to have a 3ft bubble around them. if you're outside of this, you're invisible, and they carry on doing what they were doing..eg, walking straight towards you on a busy walkway/footpath. Upon 'bursting' this bubble, the attitude then changes to 'I will get in front of you no matter what'.....(@^%^& !!!!) and this does seem to make itself evident with all road users throughout Asia, however it seems to work for them. Expats/westerners visiting Asia seem to struggle with this, which is normal - we respond differently, though from some road experiences here in Melbourne (and Sydney, during my recent ride), it seems we're not that far off in terms of reckless, selfish, non-appreciation of others in public....
  11. Was in India last year, and the traffic was explained thus.

    The analogy is to remember the movie 'finding Nemo'

    The traffic is like a stream of fish.
    the stream moves in one direction, and as long as you move with the flow, you only need to be aware of the stream around you.
    Want to change direction - Use the horn and move to where you want to go, only minding you do not hit anything in the process. Everyone else will go around you. It all happens at relatively low speed. It just seems like high speed!.

    And it works!
  12. Too true, peter-reebok !
    I still visit Bombay and Delhi during my travels abroad - you couldn't have described it any better ! Only that I am never heard to exclaim 'Cooooooool duuuuuuuuuuuuuude' in my head, just like the young turtles in Finding Nemo :)

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