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TRX850 sprain n choggits

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Kaos, Jul 17, 2005.

  1. I need a new chain and sprockets for my TRX and am wondering what people recommend.

    Ive seen a set regularly for sale on Ebay from germany, i think they were for something like 150euro, full X or O ring chain, and 2 sprockets it included. I cant seem to find anyone selling these anymore i guess he cycles it.

    Anyway what do you lot recommend, go genuine, aftermarket? Where from? Any deals that you know of?
  2. Before or after

    hey KAOS, is this before or after the bar-ends????
  3. Hehe nah bar ends can cop some more bitumen, but my sprockets are wearing, and i left my chain go dry a little long over merimbula ride so its getting shagged. Not to mention when i was visually checking bike i noticed one of the chain links is coming adrift from the chain, like the side 'plate' is expanding away like the rivets arent holding it together.
    BTW, does the TRX need a non-join chain or can you use a joining link?

  4. Call Brian at BikeMart Ringwood.
    JT or AFAM sprockets should be around the $25front, $50 rear and a real-good DID X-ring chain (VM-series, available in black or gold) around the $145 (525size) or $180 (530 size).
    He'll know the appropriate teeth/ links-length of chain and which size chain it is . Make sure you'll get a rivet-link with the chain, the TRX is a bit too beefy for a clip-link.
  5. Do you need a tool like the pin remover to install the rivet link?
  6. Angle grinder to cut the old one off....a metal block (as anchor) and a peening hammer and/or pin off a plumbing-flaring-tool (if the new rivet-link has hollow-head-pins) to fit the new rivet-link.
    Rivet-links have softer "heads" (to be peened over) than clip-links.
    A small "chainbreaking" tool also helps to press on the sideplate of the link, vice-grips or such can do the job as well, but it's a bit of a mongrel...

    Or have the proper tool at hand (different for different brands/ types chains), which are usually quite expensive, hardly worth buying for the occasional chain-replacement.
  7. I wouldn't risk doing it myself without the proper tool ... maybe that's just paranoia (but when chains really do break ;-} ). DID class the TRX as a superbike (as they do my last ride, the TDM).

    Get your Yammie dealer to quote on fitting.