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TRX850 - specific questions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pringa8, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. Hey there guys, just looking for opions from TRX riders out there, or anyone whos even given one a bash.

    I've had a look at the search and everyone seems happy with them, but I've got a few spefic questions (generally input is welcome also though!):

    These things have five gears rather than the conventional six - this an issue for anyone? Or is it just geared longer given it's a torquey engine.

    Speedo I saw on one only goes to 180km/h - Can they go faster than this (was it just cause it's a jap import so the speedo wont read more than 180?) Want to know cause i'm up for some track duties and if it's going to run out of puff around 160, i'd rather get a four banger.

  2. Thanks for the link Loz!

    "It is offensively loud though, which isn’t to everyone’s taste." :LOL:
  3. Yes, a 180km/h speedo is because it will be a grey import. This will also mean it is most likely restricted electronically to 180 (ignition cut), a search should yield a cure for this as they have quite a following.

    My mate did an indicated 220 on his, this should answer your question regarding only 5 gears...
  4. I have one..

    Here is a forum that has all sorts of info and stuff, and some of it is even useful :LOL:


    For the speedo mine goes up to 260, dunno how fast it goes though.
    Five gears? I only rarely use 5th. The engine is so torquey you don't need to change gears that often. When I'm on the freeway mine will do 100km/h at aound 4000rpm in 4th gear. So I'd guesstimate top speed just over 200?

    Standard front suspension and brakes aren't suitable for track work though. For track duties, you'd may get better value out of a 'proper' sportsbike than paying for a trx and modifying it.

    Still, its horses for courses.
  5. As a bike for the road rather than the track it's great, but if you're after a track bike, probably better to go for something else. That said, I've seen a vid of a german guy taking one around a track, top speed was around the 200Km/h mark. So yeah, don't think having only 5 gears is a problem.
  6. PM Jace - he has one. I've ridden one with a nice-sounding pipe and I loved it.
  7. The TRX 850 was not specifically designed for race track . It's more of a sports tourer and it only revs out to 8,000 rpm redline.

    If you race to win, you will be better off with the usual 600 sports bike like R6, GSXR etc they will rev to 17,000 rpm. Although people race TRX, it was mainly for a personal project, leisure racing and to let the personal demon out of your system.

    The other day the demon got control of me which I was doing 175kmh on a highway with no other vehicles around but it was only for a short burst and no danger to anyone but myself then my senses came back. I didn't check the tachometer as I was concentrating on the road which the bike felt stable. I feel it could go to 200 kmh and my guess is that the top speed is proabably 210-215 kmh mark. No, Im not going to try it out as I value my licence too much, no point of having a bike and can't ride it.

    At 100kmh, mine revs at 3400rpm at 5th gear and I get around 20km per litre. Happy Riding.
  8. Way I see it, if yo're gonna do 175 you might as well do 200. Consequences are the same!
  9. +1 to that Loz.
  10. Yes, it was the devil inside me that day and I agree might as well go for 200kmh but my senses got to me when I was at 175kmh.

    Over here, if you are caught by over 40kmh, it is 7 points deduction & $1,0000 fine !!! I’ve already have lost several points a couple of months ago. I value my licence, money, wife, and kids, no to mention the embassrasment of a court appearance, very expensive lawyers, criminal record, future insurance for my bike etc.

    The only way to ride fast & safely is at a racetrack. Happy Riding.