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TRX850 Going Rates

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by rugsta, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Hi, I've owned a couple of TRXs in the UK so know what to expect and what to pay, but obviously in Australia its a new ballgame.

    In the UK TRXs are a forgotten bike. You see very few and most people have no idea what they are when they see one. Prices are therefore bargain compared with most other machinery.

    Having checked out the usual bikesales, bikepoint and trading post prices seem pretty boyant.. in fact very boyant. TRXs go for similiar money to similary aged VFR750... Is this really true?

    Checked out the 'price your bike' links on bikesales and it says top for Private TRX is around 5.5k yet I see them being advertised for 7-8k both private and Dealer.

    Are these people simply living in hope or is a TRX really worth that much?

    Also is there a good time of the year to buy [i'm in Melbourne]? Obviously in the UK the winter is very much a buyers market?

  2. Hmm... I seem to remember Sumoto is importing them and flogging them for around $5k - at least, they had one a few months ago for those bucks.

    Not that I'd recommend dealing with that mob, but if you keep sniffing about you'll find one for the dollars you're talking about. They're not overly common here either but those that have them love them.
  3. Yeah, Sumoto have a red/white Jap import at the moment for 5k. I've heard 'interesting' things about them on this site!

    Not too worried about that as its the bike that matters most and I'm a long standing TRX owner... loathe the red/white scheme though. will probably take a look one lunchtime this week as its a tram ride from work. At least I'll get an idea of condition/price ratio if nothing else.

    $ ain't too much of a problem but I intend on keeping this bike for around a year and as a newbie to Australia I realise I'm ripe for dealers to make a few quid (sorry bucks) from. I don't want to be buying for 7k if next year I'm selling for 4k.
  4. Well if you know your bikes, you'll know what to look out for at Sumoto. They do their bikes up very nicely cosmetically, but it's buyer beware underneath and sometimes there's corrosion issues on bolts, electrics etc as Sumoto import all their bikes from Japan in shipping containers, build one working bike from 6 well-used donor bikes and then paint it to bejesus.

    Do a thorough check or get a mechanic in to go over it, and you might have yourself a good bike fro a good price.
  5. $7-8k is far too expensive for a trx in my opinion.

    $5-6k is more realistic, but many of the cheaper ones have quite a bit of mileage due to the everyday rideability of the bikes. There seem to be heaps around but seldom are there many for sale.

    Red/white looks a little strange to me also..

    This sounds okay:
  6. If you're looking at paying more than $5-6k then buy a genuine ducati instead would be my ideas.

    The trx still interests me a lot... maybe once the mortgage is down a bit...... As too does the SZR660.....

    They dropped pretty quickly to those sorts of prices but now are hanging on at that level. there is enough interest in them to keep that price for a fair while it seems... or at least until the early SV650's come down a bit more.
  7. All I know is that they sound great!