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TRX 850 - tell me more...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by nibor, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. one of a few possible upgrades.
    i like my twins.
    what i have read about them sounds interesting, good.
    and they fit the looks department.
    i'm coming off a VTR250, with about 60,000km under my belt.

    got one?
    had one?
    what's good about it?
    what's not?
    anything to look out for regarding maintenance/wear?

    tell me more :)

  2. Talk to Mel when she gets back :)
  3. DirtyTriX should be by shortly with lots of info.
  4. They seem to be a funny thing. People will bag out their stats on paper as they seem a bit overweight and underpowered compared to other nakeds.

    But everybody who owns one swears by them.
  5. They're a good bike, with lots of torque, great sound and a surprisingly comfortable seat. Watch out for the long reach to the bars, average suspension and some technical niggles: valve stretch in the early models, needle jets wear quickly and make it run rich.

    Painted frames and brembo brakes indicate an imported model - the locally sold ones have a grey frame and generic looking brakes.

    Good TRX forum: http://www.trx850.motomaniac.net/forum/

    I'm on an SV650 now and love the fuel injection... but I miss that sound.
  6. Im looking to make the same transition as you :D
    apparently people have tipped them as a 'future classic'
    hopefully that means before long they'll appreciate in value..
    or at least remain stable.
  7. Not enough grunt for you Nibs. Having said that, if you threw a wad of cash at the suspension and engine they can be brought to life. But by the time you've done that you could of had an SV for the same coin.
  8. They don't handle as well as a VTR1000 or an SV1000 and have less power than either.

    The bonus is Trixies look better than those two could ever dream of :)
  9. I really like mine, but I haven't had it very long... & I'm currently having some teething issues with mine, emulsion tubes are worn & it's running very rich.

    Throw $200 odd at a Factory Pro Jet kit & emulsion tubes it will be sorted. I think most of the valve issues were sorted out early on. They can use a bit of oil, I think the acceptable Yamaha figure is 1L/1000klm (I haven't heard of anyone using that much, so far mine hasn't used any).

    That said, I love it! I really like the way it looks, for it a classic look, not modern, but nice. Power is pretty predictable, you really need to provoke it to get loose.

    In terms of the ride I probably can't help you to much, I really enjoyit, it steers & handles good enough for me, but I'm comparing it to my old CX500! Someone who's ridden a few more bikes will have a more balkanced view I'm sure.

    If find it really comfortable, I rode it back from Sydney the day I bought it, 900 odd kms, no dramas. I haven't done much apart from commuting since then...

    Expect to pay around 5-6K for a good one, (I think that's a bit dear given the age of the bikes), I picked mine up for 3K, but I need to spend some money on it, mainly cosmetic though.

    If you weigh more than 50kgs (I do!) the suspension will be too soft, new springs up the front with the right rate will fix that, around $200, the rear shock I haven't had any trouble with, but I'm pretty sure you can get them rebuilt.

    A lot of the Yam parts from that era fit, FZR etc, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding spares. Also a lot people are fitting USD front end from R1's/R6's, which I think is overkill, set the standard suspension uo properly (which I'm yet to do, grain of salt etc), & it should be fine unless you're just doing track days.

    The Motomaniac forum is a wealth of knowledge, everyone's very helpful, sign up & have a look around (I'm on there as M.V.)

    Well, enough of my ramblings! :grin: If you have a specific question, happy to try & answer it. You're welcome to take it for a blast if I ever get it running right, (although with your VTR count through the roof, I dunno...) :LOL:

    Oh yeah, pipes! You'll be hard pressed to find one with stock pipes, which is the way it should be! I've just put some Leo Vince slip ons on, the sound is fantastic :cool:
  10. fark what loz and mvrog haven't posted here yet...... :LOL: they just loooovveees them, you ask them.

    I am agree wth cheffie, the sv1000 is ALOT of bang for buck.....and they go alright too so i am told :wink:
  11. It is hard to imagine how you could go past an SV 650 or 1000 with your affinity for the vtr :)

    I think the SV650 (if sv1000s are out of reach) would give the TRX a run for it's money in many respects if you look at the power and weight figures involved (which is all i can do, haven't ridden a trx).
  12. i dont mind quirky.
    the TRX looks good imo.
    i only like the newer (not round/curvy) SV's, and a thou is probably a bit expensive for me atm.
    650 is an option though definately.

    just i know a bit about them, i dont know as much about the TRX, hence the thread :)

    oh and cheffie, baby steps for me, i crash enough as it is without jumping to the thou :p if i get over a 650/whatever sooner than i expect, can simply sell and move up.

    either way, i'm looking for better suspension, better brakes, better handling, good twin sound, and fairly naked, doesnt have to be completely though.
  13. ...if it lasts that long :p , I hear SV's crash well :LOL:
  14. clearly i meant get airborne above the bike, and sell the scraps :p
  15. They've become a bit of a cult bike, which as far as I'm concerned means prices are now higher than they should be for a bike that, let's face it, is getting a bit long in the tooth.

    But as everyone agrees, they sound good. The looks are a matter of personal taste :)
  16. Out of all of the bikes I've crashed, I've enjoyed crashing the SV the most :LOL:
  17. There is a very neat blue one for sale at the blue dealership in Sale. Been there for a few months and if I had the cash to buy a bike just for the sake of having it, it would be in my garage now.
    From memory it has about 36,000km on it.
  18. nibor, I dont think there enough TRXs for you to have a spare incase you bin it like the vtrs :D

    I really like the TRX looks, nice and oldschool. I ended up going with a curvy sv650s though (I disliked the curvy too, but after owning one I prefer the curvy look and would get another if only that model was injected). If it gives you an idea of the bike, I'll likely have another SV some time but a pointy and with alot of suspension work.


  19. phiz i hope that pic of the SV you posted isnt yours, otherwise i need to explain: curvy meaning the roundish tube frame of the older SV models, rather than the square tubed frame of the newer models (including the pic you posted).


    i think i was in a TRX kinda mood the other day.
    now i'm just back to tightarse mood, work my tits off and save up, no buying till i can pay with cash, and have another $2k spare for mods/repairs haha :)
  20. I'll just add a few things for ya Nibs to make things more confusing...

    The SV is a very heavy bike and requires a bit of muscle to punt it around. I don't know the weight differences between the 650/1000 if there is any. Having said that, when I went for a spin on Stewy's thou, I enjoyed the wider bars on the naked because of the leverage, and Stewy flicks it around the twisties without any problems.

    The one thing I categorically loath about the Svee's is their front forks, the best thing I ever did was go USD. When the Spewzukis first came out a reviewer bagged the framework as having too much flex in it for change of directions, but I believe she was wrong, most of the problem is in the flex of the front forks.
    Going USD at the front also came with the side benefit of radial mounted brakes and stopping power. The bog stock setup they come with leaves a hella ova lot to be desired.

    Bearing all of that in mind, guys like Steve(doit) and Cejay had them wizzing around Broadford at respectable times, so although they did throw some money at them, a good rider can manage with the package.

    However you're going to have the same problems with the TRX. Yeah they're a neat bike with a cult following, but they're getting on a bit in motorcycle years. I rode one when they first came out and got bored quickly. It worked well in it's torque range (as all twins do), but it was hard work keeping it there. I've had a look at Mad Mel's although I haven't ridden it, and the suspension is shot. The bike is one of the better examples out there, but it's tired, and tired bikes like to lay down for naps.

    The SVR is available anytime you want to take it out. It's not like the others but it may give you a bit of an idea. :)