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TRX 850 speed limiter - could it be removed?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Jack-from-NT, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. Hi there
    would anyone have any knowledge if the speed limiter on my TRX 850 could be removed...My T-REX is a grey Jap import and have this speed limiter on it...
    I would really appreciate some ideas, since few mechanics up in Darwin thinks that they can not remove the limiter

  2. Not possible.

    I suggest you buy a hyosung instead.
  3. What speed is it limited to just out of interest?
  4. Just a wild guess, it would be a carbied bike so there would be some form of physical/mechanical restrictor on the carb somewhere.

    eg: plates underneath the carbs which prevent the full amount of air fuel mix getting to the cylinder.
    You may want to try a yamaha forum for more answers.

  5. thanks alot for that...it has mukini twin carbs on it
  6. it is limited to 180 km/hr...Aussie delivered versions goes beyond 220
  7. wouldn't swap TRX to a Hyo mate...
  8. Then it could be something something that reads it off the speedo.
    Again, just a wild guess.
  9. Most japanese bikes are restricted electronically, usually within the ignition system themself so it won't reach a theoretical 180km/h. I would suggest seeing if there is a TRX forum, or changing out the ECU with an Aus model ECU.

    I'd also check to see what other subtle differences there are between the Aus and Jap model (different carb sizes as an example).
  10. Hey mate, i'm pretty sure from vague memory that it is something inside the speedo assembly. There is a wheel inside that spins with cutouts around the edge. The wheel needs to be modified. Checkout http://trx850.motomaniac.net/forum/ the info you need will be in there somewhere. Have fun with the trx!!
  11. it will be inside the speedo unit screwdrivers and siccors will do the job