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Truth about sumoto

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by chunkz, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. gday fellas
    reading alot about how terrible theyre
    and reading little on how good theyre

    Can i please get a response from someone that has dealt with them, and the story if they were good or bad...

    IM after a spada, and well they have a good range...
    what should i look for from spada on the bikes .ect .ect


    But all i ask is personal experience, and a half decent reason..
    not just a "theyre crap" reply

  2. Don't know anything about Sumoto being from Sydney and all, but I do knwo a bit about Spadas. If Sumoto are asking anything more than $3900 they're ripping you off. Even $3500 is still a bit exie.
  3. When I went there they tried to sell me a CBR250R as a RR for 6.5k ride away...
  4. Do yourself a favor. Don't automatically go for a dealer, particularly when they don't offer used bike warranties. For example, here in Vic, used bikes do not have to have a warranty (a Kennett "initiative"). The only warranty would be whatever residual there is on a manufacturer's warranty.

    Some dealers may offer a "warranty", which is really an insurance policy, with more loopholes than a rope ladder, and something that's built into the price of the bike.

    If you do buy a used bike from a dealer, and they tack on "delivery charges" like what Sharptune tried to do with a bike that I bought there once, tell 'em that their base price for the bike should be covering that. (and it usually does, as dealer prices are invariably higher than private sellers).

    Choose your desired model. Then go searching Bikesales, Bikepoint, the Trading Post and the fortnightly "magazine" Motorbike Trader.

    See what they're selling for from either private or dealer sellers. Go to Redbook.com.au and see what the average book price on these bikes are.

    Once you see what they're selling for at either dealers or private sellers, you'll be in a better position to make a quality judgement.

    15 years ago, you would not have had the resources to conduct this level of research, as the internet was, back then the privy of the geeks, and with bugger all useful content online. When I bought my Blackbird recently, I scoured the 'net and compiled a list of bikes that interested me and that fit my desired purchase criteria.

    If you're a new rider, the bike that you get may only need to last you for your restriction period. So, you don't need to spend big bux on a new bike. Just something that's clean and reliable.

    And the above is based on my buying experience. Don't focus on one dealer. Explore all of your options. If in the end, Sumoto does have a bike that fits the bill, then well and good.

    Good luck.
  5. pm me for my detailed dealings with sumoto
  6. Just looked at their ad - if you don't see a problem with paying $4500 for a 15 year old Spada, when a brand new CB250 or Hyosung GT250 Comet only cost $5,500 and $6,000 respectively then go ahead and buy one from them :?.
  7. mjt57, you make a lot of sense.
    "Who are you who are so wise in the ways of science?" ( - Monty Python Quote - You don't really need to answer that).

    Thats it.

    Have a look at https://netrider.net.au/articles/?page=buying (for new bikes but applicable)



    Google is your friend as far as finding info/advice is concerned for buying a new (second-hand) bike.

    I've already PM'd you. :cool:
  8. 2 experiences with close mates.

    1st one was back when i first started riding and no-one i knew had any idea of the CROOKS sumoto are. Friend paid in full for her spada and began waiting for delivery of her swish new bike.

    4 months later and countless phone calls, they told her she could come pick up the bike. she tried to ride it home, didn't make it before the thing died on her. she had the thing delivered back to sumoto and they 'fixed' it for her over the next week. this time it made it back to her place and even over to my place where it was looked over. seems sumoto promises are worth about the same as a politicians promise :LOL:

    discs sitting on 2.5mm in spots (thats not even close to roadworthy)
    pads were well under halfway down (were promised to be new)
    motor had been painted while in the frame, and not even cleaned beforehand
    tank had been painted with what looked like no preparation (stickers still under shiny new job)
    masking tape covering the oil breather on the motor
    electrical tape holding the headlight together

    (i'm sure there was more, but it was a few years ago now)

    anyways, it got as far as emerald from our place before slowing down to almost nothing. she managed to limp it back to her place where it decided to chuck it in totally (wouldn't start again). took it back to sumoto, they said they'd replace the motor. she got it back after a little while and this time it managed to do a few more trips before dying up at mount dandenong. had to be carted back to home again and she decided to get onto a mechanic and have it checked over.

    she got a nice big fat checklist of dodgy stuff and downright unroadworthy stuff which she took back to a now VERY responsive sumoto who FINALLY decided to fix the problem, along with some of the dodgy stuff and chucked in an aftermarket pipe aswell (looked like a stocker gutted and painted to me, but she was happy).

    so yeah, close to 6 months from payment to getting *most* of what was promised to her and she still overpaid for it :? lesson learned there i guess

    and recently i had a mate call me up and tell me that he had just put a deposit on a CBR250R at sumoto for $6600. i almost laughed but then thought better of it, i gently explained everything to him and eventually convinced him that there are much better options out there. he's now picked up a 99 GPX250 and a 92 ZZR250 for $7000 for the both of them so he and his GF can ride together. Sumoto said they'd give the deposit back at any point and are now refusing :roll: usual thing.... at least he didn't get TOTALLY ripped off
  9. hi there,

    i delt with them and got massivly ripped off. if i had been on this website BEFORE i bought my bike i would have definently known not to buy through them. if you do a search you will find out what everyone here thinks of them. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    anyway, its making me cranky thinking how much i got ripped off :oops: . do yourself a favour and look elswhere.

  10. I bought my first bike from them. I prolly paid about $1,000 too much (Yamaha Zeal) considering what it was and what they did to "re-engineer" it. I had a slight problem with mine, it didn't seem to be firing on all four cylinders (cold at cylinder 1 at the exhaust header). I got it fixed after about three goes taking it back, but they did put a new carby on that cylinder and at my request replaced the inlet manifold (it was cracked looking). I didn't have to get angry, and they seemed to want to help me get it up to scratch, although I do remember saying something along the lines of "if you don't replace the manifold, I'll not be happy". They do have a warranties and by that alone you should be able to get any probs fixed, but it seemed to me that they don't do a lot of checking on the bikes to get them up to standard in the first place, although in fairness my problem was a hard one to isolate and fix (ie. start at the basics and work your way up). But after that it was fantastic and I liked the bike. It was a bit used in places but was ok for a 250.
  11. sharptune... yet another bunch of crooks :roll:

    malissa went to get her GPX roadworthied there, they said they'd do it on the spot for her so she took it down by herself. she comes back later and tells me we're finding somewhere else to go, then hands me the list of BS they spun on it for $50 while telling me about how they had offered to book it in for the next day to fix it all for her for $450. so i took the bike and the list over to bennet st and got them to look it over, they thought it was pretty funny and proceeded to pass it right there and then.

    no suprise that i havn't so much as glanced in their dodgy little windows since then.
  12. they're crap.
  13. It's probably because I've studied the science of how ducks float...
  14. I know some of you may frown at this but i think in general 250's are a massive waste of money!..straight to 600's is what i did :)
  15. recker (assuming you were in Melb at the time) - what, you did your course and sat on your Ls for ayear without riding at all and then went out and bought a 600, or did you just say stuff you to the law and ride a 600 off the bat ?
  16. ooooooohhhhh you naughty naughty thing you. you'll go to L plater hell for that, mark my words *shakes fist*

  17. Yeah I bought an ex sumoto spada privately about a year after the chick got it from them originally - it died on the way home - magically started again a little while later (think it flooded cos i stalled it once ... :/) and have had nothing but issues since - took it in for a service to sumoto cos i live around the corner from them (it was blowing smoke) so they fixed the fuel tap which was dodgy appearantly and "serviced" the bike which involved nothing from what I can tell aside from taking my cash. . It went okay for that weeknd but takes I find it ages to warm up and I have to hold throttle open to keep revs up while its warming up (yes choke is open!)

    then I go to take it for a big ride on sunday morning, it stalls while trying to warm up (yes the choke was all the way open :) ) and doesn't start again - now am going to try a new air filter (more money sunk) as the oil levels are too high and I don't think they replaced the air filter nor the oil which might mean the air filter is coated and that's why it won't start.

    So as far as I'm concerned in my experience they are a bunch of rip off F*^%Rs who don't do their job properly. (they thought my spada took 4 spark plugs and charged me accordingly) I don't know where the hell they put the other two spark plugs in the V twin engine.

    So thats my four cents. or four spark plugs if you will.
  18. Why not buy from a Netrider rider that's upgrading. There are plenty of bikes for sale in the Bikes for Sale section.
  19. whole lot of feed back and one good (via pm)
    and well, tell ya what im convinced
  20. Like sammy_sam, I purchased a spada privately from a guy about 7 months after he purchased the bike from sumoto. 6 months and 10 thousand kays after the purchase I started the bike bike one morning and noticed, water/coolant was pissing out the exhaust! Took her to a mechanic and he said that I either had shot head gaskets or a cracked cylinder head. To even determine the problem would require $$$ due to having to take the engine out (labour costs)... :(. I now ride an 03 vtr250 and am $$$ out of pocket for the experience.