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Trusty gold coast mechanics?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by fatjoez, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. Slightly off topic (car).

    My car had water leak inside during heavy rain.

    Looking for a body shop on the gold coast which would be able to diagnose the problem.

    There's no visible / touchable sign of damp so it's hard to tell.

    Anyone have a recommendation?

  2. What type of car?
  3. Lexus is250 sedan
  4. Not that old so back to Lexus I would be going. Was anything left open (door,windows etc?) and have you had any repairs on the car previous? Whereabouts was it wet?
    Shouldn't be hard to find with this weather at the moment lol!

    Cheers Ryan
  5. Ah fair enough, my wife's calais was leaving and no one could find the problem. Took me months of trial and error to fix.
    Any tips on a Lexus forum?
  6. The usual suggestions

    - sunroof drains
    - seals
    - do a leak test
    - AC drain

    Got a nice local chap who will look at it on monday reasonable hourly rate.
    Give it 2 hours or so and see how we go.

    Unfortunately no damp spots by time I realized the car had dried up (3 days parked outside in open air airport carpark).

    run a hose over it since but no luck. need to take pillar covers off and do proper leak test
  7. Thread belongs in pub.