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Trustworthy Sydney Mechanics

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by momo, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. I need a bit of work done to a ZXR250 - check mixture, maybe run over dyno, check carbs which are leaking petrol, find out why bike is using a full tank in 100km :shock:, swap out rear suspension and axle, extract a few sheared off bolts, check valve clearances, find out why it pops out of second (please not shredded gears :( ) and generally tune the thing up.

    I used the search function to get a list of mechanics in Sydney that people have used before, but I decided to post this because I have had such bad experiences with spraypainters and mechanics so far. Can anyone recommend an especially good mechanic in Sydney who can do all of those things, and whom I can trust to do it quickly, not ruin the fairings, not do silly things like change the fresh Motul oil then charge me $200 for the privilege, and so on?
  2. See Brendan and Mark at SPM. 4 Toorak ave Taren point.
  3. Wow this was the exact kind of question i was looking for.

    ^^ theres the online link for those lazy to search.

    Also if anybody could throw in some more that would be great (this ones a bit far)

    Also, sorry to hijack but when buying a new bike can u bring it to one of these trustworthy mechanics and have them look at it for free to see if any fixing needs to be done (in which case you would go to them anyway), or do u have to pay for a 'pre purchase' inspection?
  4. Thanks, Tweet. It will have to wait a bit, though, coz im a fcuking noob and I dropped the bike, which cracked the stator cover and scratched the freshly painted fairings, in my driveway. :roll: :roll:
  5. What bike?

    Cracked stator cover just dropping it in the drive? Did you throw it on it's side...
  6. ZXR250.

    I dropped it about as softly as is possible. I think there might have been a pre-existing fracture in the metal, as it was a second-hand one from a wrecker.

    Either way that has completely ruined my plans of being able to get it to a mechanic in the spare week I have after uni ends :(