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Trusted mechanic needed in Melbourne Area

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Bosi72, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. Couple days ago two very drunken ladies were sitting on my bike then dropped it and damaged it. I wasn't present when it happened but they ended up in jail (not because of bike:)
    I have witness, police report, full comprehensive insurance.. all things on my side.

    Next day visited 3 mechanic workshops to discuss about guesstimate costs and they're all somewhere in $2500-$3000 range. My estimate is around $1500, although this could be even less if the tank was repaired at the panel beater. The damage was:
    - dented petrol tank
    - muffler protector scratched
    - handlebar weight inside damaged
    - mirror case damaged
    - rear break pedal
    - ozzy crash knob damaged - RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO INSTALL !!!

    Will send photos when get home.

    Now back to the mechanics.
    They all said I need to leave the bike with them, then they have to book for RACV assessor, then do repairing, it might take couple weeks - which is unacceptable to me. Bike is perfectly rideable at the moment and I don't see why it takes couple of weeks to fix the bike.

    When asked if I could get my damaged fuel tank back, they responded NO. Asked them what will they do with it, the answer was they will probably get repaired. Offered a money to buy it, but they again said no (?!).

    Now the questions for the "trusted" mechanic:
    1. Will I really get the new petrol tank, or mine (or worst - someone's else) refurbished ?
    2. Is there any workshop which already has RACV assessor, so I don't have to wait "booking" period.
    3. Can I bring the bike at RACV (or wherever they say), then perform fixes by myself, then ask for refund.
    4. I would be happiest if I could replace all parts by myself. Is there any option around this ?

    Thanks for all your responses.

  2. hi.....what i would do in this instance is get the customer to come out,prepare a quote and let the bike go with the customer.Then call and book an assesment and notify the owner of the date then he/she can come on the day and wait around or leave the bike that morning(as RACV dont give you an exact time,altho we are lucky enough to have the RACV assement base in the next street,so we are normally 1st cab off the rank for that day).More than likely that the damage on your tank is repairable so i would assume RACV would repair and paint the tank.Therefore there is no tank to give back as a spare as such.In regards to the timeframe the other guys have given you the tank would more than likely be sublet out to a paint shop.So they have to factor in how busy us paint guys are.
    Oh and i agree.....crash knobs are a great idea!
  3. talk to a solicitor about recovering costs, including hire of a replacment bike, from the ladies!
  4. Thanks for all your responses.

    ylwgtr: I was wondering why is this quoted at $3000 if they will repair the tank (and muffler I assume)? I rang Honda the other day, brand new petrol tank is $850, and replacement shouldn't take more than couple of hours work.

    Tank with 2 dents and inner handle weight damaged (see the last pic):

    Crash knob small damage:

    Crash knob small damage:

    Mirror case dented; rubber not in its position:

    Muffler protection (cover) scratched- slightly dented:

    Brake pedal dented as well as cover behind:

    Handlebar weight scratched:

    Weight inside the handle broken (see first pic):
  5. i've installed the crash knobs in my aprilia....it's a must in a naked bike...if you've not you'll can damage a lot of parts.....expensive parts...and the engine! :cry: i'll think the bigger damage in your chase it's the fuel tank.... :? stupid girls....
  6. Just spoke to Honda dealer - Parts dept:

    Fuel tank - 857.30
    Mirrors - 87.50 ea.
    Brake pedal - 79.40
    Muffler cover rear right - 170.90
    Grips right - 26.60
    Screws - 3.20 ea.
    End weight - 19.85 ea.
    Inner ring (inside the handlebar) - 4.15 ea.
    Inner rubber - 3.50 ea.
    Inner weight 21.25 ea.

    Discussed with RACV call centre about the claim process. Explained that I am a mechanic-hobbyist and perform all mechanic repairs/services by myself and asked if I could fix the bike by myself.

    They (RACV) explained all the fixes must be made by qualified mechanic. Posted a question in Law & Politics section.
  7. Thats right....the only way they will pay you direct is if its a third party claim and not going through your insurance....also they want a Tax invoice so you wont be able to issue them that for the parts/labour