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trumpy st3r stand modification?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by ceska, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. Hi, I've modified the height of my triumph street triple r with a lowering link by 25mm to help me be able to touch the ground.

    So what I need to do now is (1) shorten the stand (2) add a "bit" to the stand so I can actually access the stand to fold it away when its down (currently I'm kicking the stand up & then getting on my bike as I'm unbalanced trying to reach & fold it away when on the bike - damn short legs!)

    The other alternative is that I get a new stand made in the shorter length and in steel, so I can continue to turn my bike on its stand when I want to turn it around etc (currently its the std crappy metal...)

    Any suggestions on who I can see about this mod in Melbourne?

    Thanks in advance...

  2. I was just about to recommend a thread that I'd seen on another forum, but when I checked it out I saw that you'd already posted there. Does the 'rotate further forward' option look like it would work?
  3. yep, I checked that site first & unfortunately even tho now I can visualise what is meant by flipping ur stand, when a belly pan is installed its too long to do this.

    I'll take a closer look once/if I trim it - but tbh I think I prefer getting a stronger stand made given I love swivelling my bike around on its stand :confused:
  4. Is your stand the same as mine?? I spin mine around all the time on it...
  5. just referred to ur pics & yep looks exactly the same. it certainly can b done m8, but given its a soft steel it "can" snap at any time as its not made to do that with - apparently!
  6. This is very good to know. Thanks for the tip!
  7. happy to help Zen

  8. Ummmm, soft steel?? huh?? Aren't they aluminum??

    I reckon they are strong, I do that 180 degree pivot thing on the side stand (not sure if you've seen me do it), when I take pillions I get them to jump on it while it's still on the side stand (with me on the bike too). Surely that's strong enough?? Largest load was me and Loz on the bike, on the side stand...

    Anyway all that shit aside, I also considered shorting the stand as I reckon the bike sits too vertical when parked on the foot paths around the city. I found an aluminum welder in Riddles Creek that could do it. Just chop 5-10mm out of the stand and re-weld the little flat plate back on??
  9. that'd wk, yet if i end up getting a stand made I'll let u know who does it (or if ordered OS) :wink: