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Truly iconic motorcycle?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by TIZMAN, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. Tell us what you think is a truly iconic motorcycle, and what makes an iconic bike.

    No write or wrong it's all about perception. What makes it iconic for you may not make it for the next guy/girl, let's just have the conversation and see where it goes.

    Your thoughts??
  2. Ok let's get this thread moving.

    I nominate the mighty PW50, this bike launched many international careers.
  3. Brough Superior
  4. First bike I rode was a PeeWee 50.

    I was 6. It was magic.
  5. Much the same Bitsar, however mine was a Honda z50.
  6. Yamaha VStar 650, Australias most popular ( in sales ) cruiser for several years,even out selling the mighty Harley.
  7. Honda CB77. Brought a whole new generation on to the roads. Not because it was practical but because it was fun.
    Laverda SF-C 750. The most beautiful motorcycle ever made.
    Moto Guzzi 750 S3. See SF-C only this one you might actually be able to buy. I'd give that one the nod over the later Le Mans Mk1.
    Yamaha DT1. Took off roading out of the hands of the specialist Spaniards and delivered it to the masses.
    Norton Commando. Last of the line for the Brit twin roadburners. Iconic for a special blend of hedonism / masochism.
  8. Honda C100 Cub. 60,000,000 and counting.
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  9. BSA Bantam!
  10. Air-head BMW boxers.
  11. I'll give ya that one (y)
    I had the opportunity to buy one a few years ago. I was utterly skint at the time but I still regret not finding a way.
  12. Now we are talking.

    Al groover you are a man of discerning taste, I tip my hat to you sir.

    Crazy Cam, those that don't feel their heart skip a beat at the sight of an old school boxer should check themselves fo a pulse.
  13. K2 Honda 4s - they were everywhere in the early 70s as were Kawa 900s Both Qualify. The basic design is much copied.
    XT550 Yamaha - it was a"first of the series" bike, and as such was a little special. Yamaha wanted their first thumper to look good. The first honest-to-God 160kph trail bike (on a good day). They weren't perfect, but shaped the mould which is still used to churn out bikes like the DR 650 Suzy.
    Posty Bikes. - for their proliferation.
  14. The cub variants like the postie.

    The 916 because it is Tamburini's masterpiece

    And the hayabusa because it caused limiters.
  15. 916, original fireblade, BMW GS (no specific size though but I think the series deserves a mention) cb400, monster.... There's heaps.
  16. ttspecial.
    this one
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  17. 1985 GSXR750, 1992 Fireblade
  18. '07 Street Triple
    '69 CB750
    '98 R1
    '98 VFR800
    '93 Ducati Monster
    '99 Hayabusa
    Hinkley Bonneville
  19. Malvern Star Dragster with the Banana seat.

    Oops, I thought I was on netbiker...:whistle: