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Truely! Authentic Restaraunts

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by booga, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. Ok, off the back of cossies Aussie Rest. thread, I thought would be good to have some vouched for truely authentic restaraunts.

    None of this watered down western stuff, but somewhere a person from that country's origin would go for a good home cooked meal if they were getting home-sick.

    I've heard of many places, but tried few, want somewhere like South African, (and other far out places) where i'd be eating what you'd eat over there (if health laws accept it ;) ) if i was going to a locals house for dinner (and didn't get shot along the way :LOL: ) ....

    You know what i'm on about... so type away :grin:
  2. My aunts place. Hawaiian food, yummm! :LOL:
  3. Kings Street Newtown (Sydney) has resturants that represent about half to total number of countries in the world, from Africa to Nepal and a dozen others....

    (Including the famous Thai-Tanic Thai resturant!! :LOL:).
  4. Polish restaurant.
    Na Zdrowie translates "to good health"

    161 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe

    Dont go there if you are on a diet. Most dishes contain a lot of meat.
  5. Nam Loong on Russel Street, Melbourne does authentic Chinese food and has a pretty authentic atmosphere (which a lot of western people can't deal with). They still have sweet and sour chicken on the menu but you'll be the only person eating it... :)

    The Camy Shanghai Noodle & Dumpling House on Tatterstalls Lane, Melbourne is pretty authentic. Just order one of everything and get lots of chili sauce. :)

    Lastly, my favorite Chinese restaurant is the Supper Inn on Celestial Avenue, Melbourne. This place is a little better at dealing with us white dudes and has excellent food. You'll be queueing for about an hour to get a table on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night...
  6. I know a truly aweful russian restuarant/cabaret
    in Carnegie,

    which unfortunately I have been to and won't recommend :twisted:

  7. Los Amates on Johnson street is the closest thing I've found to real Mexican food outside Mexico: to clarify, that means they don't give you heaps of cream and cheese and that awful stringy meat shit. Flavours are fresh, light (except the chocolate mole) and yummy.

    There's a great Ethiopian restaurant called the Abyssynian on Racecourse road, Flemington. I don't know if I'd call it authentic though, because they have food in there.
  8. Yes, that sounds authentic :grin: .

    A relative brought me back some chocolate from Russia once. It had the appearance, texture and flavour of masonite.
  9. :LOL:
  10. Edoya's Japanese restaurant on Russell street near the intersection of Bourke Street has to-die-for sashimi. The decor is nice and neat, albeit a little basic. (look out for the plastic fish in the window that is happy to be eaten by you!)

    The other thing to do is scout out restaurants that have a high turnover of "native" customers. If someone is prepared to go out and pay for what is cooked at home then you know it's got to be good.
  11. The Polish Jester in Warburton has been described by multiple Polish people as "As good or better than my Grandmothers"
    Take that as you will.
    But.. If you happen to go there via a minor detour (Say The Black Spur Followed by The Refton Spur) there will be little room for complaint :grin:
    And if you arn't doing the Twisties and Bikes thing, then try the Okocim or the selection of flavoured Vodkas.
    If you are feeling brave don't bother with the menu, simply ask for a good mix of stuff. the guy who runs the place does up great mixed plates.
    Polish Jester
    3416 Warburton Hwy,
    Warburton 3799
  12. An other resteraunt I HIGHLY Recomend is Ying Thai in Richmond for Authentic thai
    The freehold on the Thai Resteraunt in Heapburn springs is owned by my mother, and I had lunch with the family who run it once. There resteraunt food is good, but what they eat themselves is something very diferent. And what Ying Thai has reminds me a lot of what we had for lunch that day. It is seriosly food to die for... Or if you don't like it spicy to die from.

    Ying Thai
    235 Victoria St , Abbotsford
    Melbourne, VIC, 3067
  13. I agree about "Na Zdrowie", 100% authentic, but bit expensive. On the other hand the atmosphere and decorations are spot on rural polish, so I don't mind paying bit more.

    Mamak on 15 Goulburn St, Haymarket is 100% authentic according to few of my singaporian/malay friends. Be prepared to wait, but the food is worth it.

    Belgian Beer Cafe "Epoque" and "Heritage" are great as well. I don't know how authentic it is, but I'm 100% sure that the beers are.

    There's an Indian place at the bottom of Hunter Connection, right opposite escalators. The food is awesome, but the guy will always try to sell you naan bread, since he says it's the only way he makes money. I would avoid the eggplant curry, since it's too authentic for me, way too many spices and it's just too overpowering for me.

    For japanese, check out Masuya/Musashi, highly recommended by my japanese friends.

    For fast portuguese go to petersham charcoal chicken, the food is awesome, but don't expect great service, since it's a fast food place.
  14. Japanese. Yu-u. Corner Flinders lane and russel st, Melbourne. Book 2 weeks in advance for dinner. In case you cant find it, just look for a non-descript door at the alleyway.
  15. It's actually a mini block up Flinders lane and a bugger to find.
    But if you want to go, BOOK!!!
    They only serve a particular number of lunches, so even if people come early and leave early freeing up the tables, you are shit outa luck.
    Also they have a set menu. But it is always intersting.
    It is a bit of a pain for these reasons, but well worth the effort.
  16. Yea thats right. Food is bloody sensational though eh?
  17. Definatly no argument there
  18. Loz, what di the poor bloody ethiopians ever do to you?
  19. Nuff mentioned the Belgian Beer Cafe "Epoque" and "Heritage"


    Authentic-Australian beer :) - that means nothing but a blend of everything thats awesome about beer.

    Check out the red oak, the prices are a lot better then the Belgian Beer Cafe and i must say the beer is better. I have converted many stubborn non beer drinkers at their bar.