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True Story

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Woghog, May 30, 2005.

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  1. In 1997 when riding back from Perth to Brisbane (yes Jeremy bike riders actually do go on longer trips than down to the coffee shop every Sunday)……anyway, as my wife hadn’t been to Melbourne we stayed at a caravan park in Geelong for a week – making daily trips to the city, Ballarat and the Great Ocean Road (yawn). (And yes Cynthia – some women actually do pillion longer than it takes you to slap on your makeup.

    We happened to be there when the AFL grand final between St Kilda and the Adelaide Crows was being played. It had degenerated into a ‘state vs state’ debacle with the Victorians being urged to get behind the Saints. Some pretty nasty things were being said in the local papers. In the caravan park on the day, there were little Grand Final parties everywhere, and I told the missus that we would be able to monitor the progress of the match by the noise made by our neighbours.

    We have no interest in AFL so spent the afternoon reading. After an hour or so I noticed that the park was unusually quiet, and being curious, turned on the TV to catch the last few minutes of the game. The Crows were kicking Saintly bum! Not a peep from our caravanning neighbours!

    The next day we went into the city (Victoria markets etc) and the place was awash with Adelaide colours. Not a St Kilda fan in sight. The Adelaide mob were everywhere, watching the replays on café televisions and generally living it up.

    The reviews in the local papers were scathing. I was disgusted with the vitriol and spite they spewed out. Just a big ‘we wuz robbed’ theme. One lady reporter in particular, was over the top, really heaping crap on the winners’ heads. Too much for me. I sat down and wrote her a letter. Can’t remember all of it, but the following was in it – and is absolutely true.

    “I’ve travelled all over Australia by every form of transport barring camel and horse. I’ve met hundreds of fellow Australians and, like all Australians we took the mickey out of each other’s state. The WA ‘Sandgropers’ called us Queenslanders ‘Banana benders’ and we made slightly off remarks to the Tasmanians about their extra heads etc. It was all said with affectionate humour and no harm was intended.

    Except when it came to the subject of Victorians. To a man they all hated them. Not a kind word. True as I stand here”.

    The only two good things to come out of Victoria are the road north and Graham Kennedy. Didn’t you Victorians ever wonder why when he retired, he went to NSW? Even he couldn’t bear to be here.

    The motto on the Victorian rego plates reads, ‘Victoria – the place to be’. If that’s true why are so many of you deserting the place for a better life. Oh – of course, just answered my own question.
  2. you're just jealos :LOL:
  3. no...

    i just wanted to call you a dickhead

    and point are you proving?
  4. Hasn't Melbourne been voted Most Livable City in the World a few year in a row now? :p
  5. No - I think that was actually 'The Most Laughable City' if memory serves correct.
  6. not jealos (oops, bitter chack mu speeeling)?

    well, must be all them banana's stuck up your ass then :wink:
  7. would that be a banana smoothy...or a banana sloppy?
  8. oh thats just poor taste :LOL: but i spose it'd depend on the state of ripeness :shock:
  9. Hey woghog, they let you back in from the OzWhiner site? Why? Do you need some tips from all us gays and pansies? Don't wear stripes and plaid, that's all I can think of right now.

    So the crux of the matter is that you don't like Victorians because they hate oposing states' footy teams? Whoopee doo for you pal.

    Next time don't be such a tight arse and shout your wife to a decent holiday. A caravan park? Jeez, big spender! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. hey, I moved up to QLD from vic, and I can't wait to get back. ;)
  11. Well there you go folks. You keep proving my story. As I said the rest of Australia (including you) calls us banana benders - a title at which we take no offence - but - and it's a bloody big BUT - no such affection is afforded to you lot by your fellow Australians.

    It amazes me that you have never wondered why people's eyes roll back in their heads and they groan when yet another Victorian comes out with such gems as 'The most livable city' and 'Garden State'.
  12. Popcorn anyone?? :D

    BTW. Sydney s&#ts all over Mexico City and Brisvegas. Ha. 8)

  13. geez looks like the admin dude is having lunch all this obscene language in here and no one to moderate it..............
  14. Hah! Good story.

    (this coming from an Adelaidian who moved to Melbourne)
  15. Dan - turn left at the Hard Rock cafe and keep going - you will eventually get back home - where you belong.

    Deyago. You miss the point altogether (as usual). The footy (?) match was incidental to the story - the whole of Australia doesn't hate you because you keep getting your bums whipped by interstate teams.

    No they hate you because you're so objectionable.
  16. Clearly, your memory doesn't :p

    In an attempt to completly hijack the thread, does anyone remember the old game show Family Feud? Whenever someone got a question wrong there would be a big red cross on the screen and a sound that can only be described as "baaabowww".
    I really wish I could insert and animated gif of that right now :p
  17. Hey Pete the Freak. The best thing about NSW is that it separates Victoria from Queensland.

    Be down in Sydney on Wednesday for a week. Love that place.
  18. WHAT !!

    there are cities out side of Sydney ??

    mmm not that we care :)
  19. Adelaidian? is that a word?
  20. er.......no Perkz. Don't remember that show. Was it from Victoria?
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