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True Blood - With season 2 spoilers!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Sirian Sun, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. Who has watched series 1?

    If you like vampire movies/shows you will love it - if you dont like gore then ahh bad luck lol

    Series 2 started in the States in June and they have been given the green light for series 3 to begin.

    *wanders off to see if she can watch new eps online*
  2. ..never heard of it!!..... is it good?? :grin:
  3. YEP! :grin:

    We watched all of season one over a couple of nights :)

    Have the first 3 eps of season 2, but we watch it with a mate so will probably wait until they're all out and watch them all at once again :)
  4. BRILLIANT!!!!! :grin:

    Very funny, lots of gore, lots of sex and even more eye candy :wink:

    Whats not to love :popcorn:
  5. Peeahh I did the same lol, downloaded on iTunes and watched it over a weekend. Its addictive!
  6. ...sounds like I need to tune in!!..... :grin:
  7. Series 1 is on DVD. They were showing the series on Fox :)
  8. It's a fantastic show, i have a freshly aquired episode 7 of season 2 ready to watch.
  9. My friend has been telling to me to watch this for the last few weeks. Should probably give it a shot.

    Still have Carnivale to re-watch as I took too long a break in between episodes and am now lost :LOL: and Life on mars to finish off.
  10. Very good show, recommended :)
  11. The gap in her teeth is hawt.
  12. Is this Twilight style Vampire or Blade style vampire?
  13. The first ep annoyed me, as it was very Twilight... but afterwards its not as bad, but its certainly no Blade, or Underworld. Its almost a Dexter feel with Vamps instead. And boobs :grin:
  14. Well, you won me over. :LOL:
  15. If you have ever wanted to see all there is of Anna Paquin (Rogue in XMen), then this is your show. :p

    Dexter meets vampires is an apt description, set in a fictional town in Louisiana during summer, populated by a bunch of sex-craved bible-bashing rednecks.

    I've just seen Ep2.07, screened last Sunday night in the States. Personally, I'm not fond of this Tara/Eggs and Jessica/Hoyt filler. I wish they'd stick to the books and make a run of 8 episodes for the season instead of 12.

    Having said that, now that Top Gear (UK) has finished, this is my favourite program at the moment. :grin:
  16. I just watched Ep1 of Series 2... :grin:

    Great to see that Eric is playing a bigger role - that dude is badass!

    Agreed on the Tara/Eggs thing would much rather she were with Sam

    Oops I should make it clear there are spoilers hehe
  17. Yeah, slightly less badass during Season Two, which is a bit of a disappointment really. I positively love the idea of a 1000 yr old Viking running the town! He's king of the hill when he rolls with his posse. :cool:

    One character I don't quite get is Maryanne. She's clearly a psychopath out to destroy Sam, via his closest friends, but when she cut down size Tara's mum outside the copshop in Ep2.01, what she said seemed to come from someone who would require morals, values, and empathy for other people. It's hard to imagine how these two sides of the coin could be compatible with each other (short of considering mental disorders).

    I think that scene was somewhat inconsistent for her character, but it was so damn righteous I wouldn't have them change it. :LOL:

    Anyone else dying to find out what bloody and horrific fate awaits the good Reverend Steve Newlin (puns intended)? :p
  18. Eric the Viking Vampire - love the blonde foils being done in Ep1 I would be slightly pissed if my slaves were causing mischief while I was getting my hair done too lol

    My guess with Maryanne - she is a succubus! She sets up Tara and Egg so she can get her claws into Sam and have a shapeshifter spawn lol

    Doesnt he do that preacher role well! Maybe he gets drained by Nan, the Vampire lobbyist :grin:
  19. He's got that winning smile and good 'ol Southern charm that will either make you warm to him or drive you nuts! Whoever he gets drained by, I can just imagine Sarah Newlin, looking cute as a button in that two piece suit, screaming her guts out while she witnesses the whole thing!

    I suppose no True Blood thread would be complete without a favourite quote or two? :p

  20. lol that was funny

    I always liked this one....

    Jason says this to Amy in S1 Ep9

    "I shoulda known somethin wasn't right the second you walked into my life carrying that big bag of crazy. Cause any woman with a purse that big is bound ta have somethin I dont wanna know about"