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Truckies Article on Crap TV Last night

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, May 15, 2007.

  1. I don't know if it was ACA or TT but one of them had an article where they got some trickies in a room and had them defending themselves regarding tailgating and generally crap driving.

    I am not quite sure what there agenda was, but from where i was sitting it seemed that they wanted to bury the truckies, but didn't have any one eloquent enough speaking against them to do the job

    I have personally been sitting on the Sth eastern with a truck about a meter from my rear bumper while doing over 100 with traffic in front of me and beside me (No where to go)

    The great punch line was that the trucky who caused the accident they caught on camera said it was the fault of the car with the camera in it.

    Seriously some of these truckies need a swift F$%king king in the head.

    Tailgating is bad m'kay
  2. it doesn't seem strange to you that ACA had two film crews in the tunnel when an accident just happened to occur? just a lucky coincidence that two crews from the same show were in the tunnel when a large accident occurred?

    that incident has been referred to the police for investigation since the truckie has explained that the ACA vehicle was deliberately driving erratically, swerving to stop him passing and slowing down without using their brakes.

    it concerns me more that you would believe a show like ACA....
  3. i read an artical in the age about ACA, who filmed the acident. they are under investigation by the victorian police for causing the acident... personally i wouold take the word of the truckie of the word of ACA. they are scum and filth there is no jernolism involed in what they report...


    i'll get of my little soap box i really detest those shows :soapbox:
  4. Started watching this, got up & finished cooking dinner. Was turning into a free for all.

    We had cagers in one corner, truckies in 2nd, law inforcement in 3rd & wait where was the motorcyclist rep in the 4th ... there wasnt one.
  5. Don't tell me the MRAA changed its pizza night from Tuesday to Monday???? :rofl:
  6. Disclaimer: I work in the truck driving industry. Not as a truckie.

    Truckies are generally very careful - remember, it's their job, their career. Most of them would struggle to do anything else if they lost their licence.

    They are also, generally, very aware of motorcyclists. I get a hell of a lot of licences in front of me every week, and I'd say that that 70% and upwards of drivers with a HC licence also have "R" stamped next to it.

    Often the tailgating this is a matter of perspective. A lot of people are easily intimidated with even a rigid truck behind them, it's a matter of perspective.

    And ACA caused that damn crash. Like someone else said, the F*****g producer staged it.
  7. I'm not going to comment on if the ACA car was driving poorly. i will state that from teh footage taken from within the car, they appeared to be traveling at a constant speed, and in a relatively constant lane position.

    I will also point out that if the driver was being erratic then to be close to the rear of the car is even more stupid. and that the lane change was erratic and dangerous irrespective of the cars behavior.

    Also note in my subject line, my lack of respect for TT And ACA by referring to it as crap TV.
  8. I watch Neighbours :shock:
  9. Well sure - because they'd hardly air the footage of them driving like tossers would they. And from the footage you wouldn't be able to see if they flashed their brake lights and made the guy think he had to change lanes to avoid hitting them.

    I agree with what's been said before. these are the worst kind of filthy journalists and it's pretty damn suspicious they 'Happened' to have a camera crew around when that occured.
  10. Remeber too, the Merc didn't indicate...
  11. Tailgating is not a matter of perspective at all.
    At 100kph you can not even react let alone get a car to react in under a cars length.
    And I am prety sure a truck is going to take a little longer than a car to pull up.

    I have met lots of damned good truckies. I have also met some F#$kwits. And i am not just talking about truckies when it comes to tailgating. (Though this article is about it).

    I can't find the legislation covering it, but it is recomended that you keep 2 - 3 seconds distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. that is seconds, not meters.
  12. How about the stupid cager that slowed down because she was frightened and stopped in the middle of the road with the truck behind her? :roll:
  13. And even more for trucks, maybe not regulation but common sense.

    Having said that, you then have the drivers who take advantage of the space created by this safety buffer of 2-3 seconds and pull in in front of trucks in heavy traffic, once again creating a 'tail-gating' situation and forcing the truck to back off.

    It comes down to courtesy, common sense and making allowances for other vehicles on the road.
  14. I see both sides of this one...
    i agree coming to a complete stop is dangerous.
    But How Stupid was the truck driver to not understand that simply by backing off an not being a prick the driver would likely speed up.

    I have several times considered getting a bumper sticker that says the closer you get, the slower I go. (Well that or a rear mounted shot gun)
  15. No Argument there.
    I agree that cars aren’t courteous to truckies, or other cars for that matter. But defending tailgating within less than a cars length in a 80 or 100 zone is just madness.
  16. I have about 10 mates who are truck drivers... none who are truckies... i.e. none who take drugs to stay awake, other than sh!tloads of Redbull)... if you think they are hard on cagers, you should hear what they say about truck drivers who are unprofessional... 9 of them I would trust with my life, the one who I wouldn't got the sack and now collects scrap metal for a living...

    I saw the footage of the crash, and the ACA car slowed down in front of the truck, in the right hand lane... the truck probably should have given them a big dose of air horns and filled their rear window with grill, but instead he did the 2nd best thing and changed into the left hand lane, where there was a car under his line of vision...

    As so often happens when idiot drivers can't drive, it isn't them that ends up in the crash... the truck driver screwed up royaly... he could have avoided the crash and didn't, but IMHO the ACA car in front put him in the position...

    Has The Chaser done a job on this one yet??? they should...

    "If you have any stories about 2 bit pseudo journalists creating deadly situations to create a news story in a race to the bottom of what passes for news in Australia, please log onto our website"

  17. Couldn't agree more, there really is no excuse for tailgating. If someone finds themselves too close to the vehicle in front for whatever reason, how hard is it to just back off?

    The majority of the time it's just bullying tactics from drivers who should know better. Particularly when you see L platers being tailgated, obviously makes the drivers feel like the big man on campus to intimidate someone lower down the driving chain than them :evil:

    + 1 for the bumper sticker, might as well go with the shotgun too, just for good measure... no no not really, I'm a peace lovin' type
  18. Truckies at fault?
    Car drivers at fault?
    ACA at fault?

    Oh it's all a bit hard to figure out; let's just lower the speed limit in the tunnel and tell everyone we fixed whatever the problem was that caused whatever happened on whatever day it probably might have allegedly been...
  19. What I find interesting is that just because the article comes from a sensationalist bunch of tossers, that the details of it have been ignored.

    Tailgating (By trucks and cars) is a major issue (Even when we ignore the silly cow they had at the wheel to make the sensationalist story)

    Note what the number one item in the list here is.
    Yet most people here are willing to defend the tailgaters…
    Did the truck have to change lanes?
    If the answer is yes, then he was tailgating irrespective of the behavior of the car in front.
    If the answer is no, then there was no excuse for the fact that he tagged the other car as he entered the middle lane.

    I will grant it is interesting that we have seen non of the footage from the second camera vehicle from inside the tunnel (That would tell us how the vehicle was behaving) But I also note that we as motorcyclists would avoid a erratic vehicle for our own protection, the trucky involved in this incident obviously didn’t have the same sort of concern and thus didn’t back away, but just proceeded to get closer.

    Note the ACA Vehicle was traveling faster than the traffic in the adjoining lane, so the argument they slowed down is questionable
  20. I was heading outbound on the Monash on Monday, sitting to the right of a BDouble. He was sitting a safe distance back from the car in front of him.

    A Hyundai Getz pulled into the gap in front of the B Double from the left lane, with no indicators. :roll: Over the UHF radio I heard "Did you know that a Getz can't been seen at all in front of a C500?" (Language cleaned up.. :wink: ).

    People need to learn how to drive, not just pass the license test. :evil: