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Truckie guilty over tunnel crash

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2up, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. Good !! I'm sick of these bully boy truckie cowboys on the road.

    Truckie guilty over tunnel crash
    Wednesday, July 29, 2009 » 06:06pm

    A truck driver has been found guilty over a fiery road tunnel crash that killed three motorists.

    A Supreme Court jury found David Kalwig, 44, guilty of three counts of dangerous driving causing death, but not guilty on three counts of culpable driving over the 2007 crash, after two days of deliberations.

    Kalwig showed little emotion after the verdict, and was remanded into custody for a pre-sentence hearing at a date to be fixed.

    Supporters of those killed in the crash sobbed after the verdict was handed down.

    The jury heard during the trial Kalwig changed lanes suddenly to avoid a broken-down truck in the left lane of Melbourne's Burnley Tunnel in March 2007.

    His actions sparked a chain of collisions in which three drivers were killed.

  2. poor guy. no doubt the sentence he has imposed on himself is ten times worse than whatever the court will give him.
  3. I'd give him life then maybe some of these other idiots would drive more considerately.
  4. And I'd allow you to drive the truck, and show the others how its done, driving from sydney to brisbane in 9 hours, with half an hour allocated break, sleep for 5 hours in the cab before getting up to drive back to sydney in another nine hours, all the while putting up with the cocks driving cars who are being dicks to the truck driver, not realising their car is two tonne, and the truck is twenty. good luck and God be with you.

  5. ....and then they kill someone. Great system we have here in Oz.
    Wake up sport.
  6. yeh its a pretty awesome system. shame that if they try and go against the system they get shafted.

    have you ever worked with interstate truck drivers? They get a pretty good deal...

    At the end of the day, it was reckless and people died, and the legal system did what it does. It's objective. All I'm really trying to say is that i would much rather have the sentence then bear the burden of knowing that because of me three people died.
  7. "Change gear, change gear, check mirror, murder a prostitute, change gear, change gear, murder. That's a lot of effort in a day,"
  8. The thing to consider here is there is no emergency lane in the tunnel and if you were heading towards thr rear of a truck would you not swirve??.Ok its not good that people died but why didnt the other truck limp out of the tunnel with a flat tyre ??.Why is there no emergency lane ??? that i feel was one of the main causes as he was not speeding and performed a natural instintive action to avoid being plastered on the back of a stationary truck.Sometimes accidents are just that accidents.
  9. He was doing 30 over and the only one who didn't slow down, indicating and having it proven he was not aware of his surroundings resulting in negligence.
    he is much higher than a car and could see waaaaay ahead
  10. The bloke also rear-ended a lady at traffic lights 5 months later in eerily similair circumstances,
  11. Sounds kinky..

  12. Whadda ya mean sounds kinky?? you mean to say that's not everyday behaviour???????
  13. That may well be so, but then the sentence he imposed on the dead and their families is far more than ten times worse than anything the courts can impose eh?
  14. without a doubt
  15. Car is merged into by truck:
    Murder! Manslaughter! Negligence! Outrage! Injustice! Jihad!

    Bike is merged into by car:
    Oh what a tragic accident... that's why motorcycles are so dangerous, you see?
  16. I think you will find he was edtimated doing approx30 more than other traffic not 30ks over the limit.
  17. I'm a little out of the loop on the entire situation with the tunnels in melbourne so please correct me if i'm wrong.

    However, the tunnels are fitted with lane useage thingo's right? I.e. A green arrow or red cross indicating do or do not use the lane?? The tunnel is also fitted with CCTV??

    In a road with such a great potential to go bad (i.e. this case), why don't we have constant 24 hour monitoring of the CCTV and direct decision made on hand to shut lanes down reduce limits and maybe even flash signs that tell everyone to emergency stop ASAP?? If the CCTV is constantly monitored, why was the traffic still fed into the tunnel??

    If I were an engineer on the HAZOB for that project, that would of been my first concern. Doesn't take much brain goo to work that one out. Vehicle stops in middle of tunnel = stop traffic going into tunnel!!

    While I'm not commenting on the guilt or punishment of the truck driver, I am disappointed in the tunnel's safety systems in place to prevent such catastrophes that could occur from all to common events; flat tires, broken down vehicles etc.

    City Link Fail.
  18. I think you'll find all of that did and does happen. The vehicle had only just stopped, hence the reason why there was not huge tailback prior to the incident.

    State Government = Fail. They are the ones who put the tender out, accepted the tender and alllowed the contractor to build a tunnel with no emergency lane. Not that an emergency lane is actually that much better as a fair few accidents occur on them too.
  19. Poor nothing ... the guy did it again a few months later after the first crash:

    Looks like this bloke cant resist answering his phone while driving.

    Its a shame neither the second near miss nor the mobile phone evidence was revealed in the trial.

  20. Cheers cejay.

    What do they do now?? I've only seen one lane 'red arrowed' (and subsequently empty for emergency services?) however I rarely venture into the tunnels. Do they have measures in place to stop traffic at the entrances if the shit hits the fan??