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Truckie goes bezerk on the Eastern Freeway

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Wolve, May 7, 2010.

  1. Did anyone witness this?

    Check out our take on this. Click here
  2. Only the aftermath. Traffic was completely stopped from before Chandler Hwy to Burke Rd - a work colleague who exits at Burke Rd said it took him 45 minutes from the start of the freeway (usually less than five minutes for those unfamiliar). Glad I was on the bike!

    Amazing that more people weren't hurt or killed.
  3. As dangerous as it was, I couldn't stop laughing when he stated the Russian mafia was after him......
    What a knob!
  4. i was heading outbound at about 10:30, the truck was getting towed then, so the traffic slower to a crawl. my usual 45 min trip became well over an hour, and it was only from the tow (and late! ) i can only imagine the peak hour havoc
  5. This makes me sad.

    I love trucks, and that's one of my favorite models.
  6. So? Nobody picked up on the involvement of WRB in this incident? And the fact that it is the second incident of its kind involving a truck.

    I thought that there would be dozens of you out there wanting to raise it as an issue. Hmmm - maybe WRB isn't that important to us.

    BTW - did anyone read THIS?
  7. Hard not to pick up on the WRB involvement from that write-up, but I think the reason we don't necessarily make an immediate connection is because the failure in this case is a completely different problem to what we face as riders.

    If WRBs folded like that when a rider hit them, we wouldn't have an issue.

    I do however agree that it is useful ammunition for opposing the use of WRBs in general, and hope that the MRA(Vic) pursue it for all it's worth.
  8. Too much 'medicine', perhaps?

    Though it certainly would be more interesting if it turned out to be true.
  9. Not really.
    The fact that they don’t do there job very well and they are dangerous, is a good argument for the discontinuation of there use.
  10. Aw, gently Joe, he's probably got schizophrenia.

    And it's very distressing how the russian mafia plant tracking devices in your teeth nowadays.
  11. Yes, 'medicine' can have side effects... Company I used to drive for had a new truck/trailer combo, not yet fitted with sat tracking - driver had a very expensive and very urgent delivery, express Mascot to Avalon... The truck was reported 3 days later on the QLD/NT border, run out of fuel with a driver who didn't know his name, address, destination or anything else...
  12. Actually that was the first comment I made to my other half, when she told me about it. But I didn't come looking for this post straight away.

    I think this is good information against the use of WRBs. They don't work for motorcycles. They don't work for trucks. There is some evidence that they don't always work for cars, although that is all they are designed to work for.

    They seem to me to just be the cheapest solution to "show that Vicroads are doing something" to avoid head on collisions when vehicles cross median strips, or crashes when they run off other roads.
  13. No way! No government would EVER compromise safety by going with the cheapest option they could get away with! How dare you make such accusations?!
  14. Well the more people that die and get hurt, the tighter grip their ass-muscles have on everyone's necks.

    :LOL: 8-[
  15. Bullseye! :-k :---) :p :LOL:
  16. good photos.

    2nd photo clearly shows approach angle...note how the WRB's easilly deflect the vehicle as they claim to do.

    oooh shit, they don't work...ripped off!

    maybe vic tards should contact the office of fair trading, return the WRB's and get a full refund on our behalf.

    eastlink contract stipulates continuous cross median protection.

    i don't see any.
  17. Trouble is the photo's shown are on the Eastern Freeway, not EastLink 8-[
  18. my dumb sorry.

    point is, if you are sold a faulty product that dose'nt work like it says on the label, you take it back.
  19. While being nowhere near as epic as this, we had an interstate driver come into the warehouse once. He couldnt remember what a bacon and egg roll was called and could only point at it. I'm surprised he even wanted to eat.