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Truckey attitude [all except maybe Melbourne]

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ibast, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. Most people here know I think Abbott is a scary proposition, but despite that I am pissed by the attitude of the trucking company rep


    To me it speaks volumes about the attitude of truck drivers and managers towards the rest of the motoring public.

    viewing the footage it looked to me the driver was distracted by the media circus on the side of the road, but, no matter what, he is totally at fault.
  2. i love all the comments, looks like the general public are believing this speed crap and is the cause of this problem, speed was involved in, was caused by speed, speed, speed, speed, speed, speed, speed, speed, speed.....](*,)
  3. so, um, am i right in thinking that traffic in front have right of way?

    you see a car in front turning right or traffic ahead of you slowing down and, um, you slow down...sure, if you are slower you may pull over to allow those behind you to pass but to suggest that abbott's car was the cause of the truck drivers inability to be aware of what transpired is utter bu11shit!

    man up, truckie! take responsibility for your own c0ckup.
  4. Fair enough, the driver had stopped the car in the middle of the road. But the truck company's statement makes no sense.

    He's describing a hook turn, which is definitely not the way the road rules say you should make a right hand turn. You are supposed to turn right from the rightmost lane, unless the intersection is marked as a hook turn (in Melbourne).

    If the driver was genuinely making a right hand turn, and not just stopping in the middle of the road for the cameras to get a snap shot, then he was doing the right thing as far as I can see. And the truck driver wasn't paying enough attention to the road ahead.

    That is what it looks like from the footage anyway.
  5. yeah unless the right hand turn was immedeatley following a blind turn or a crest or something.

    if there was good visibility then the truck was in the wrong
  6. "Thou must not accept responsibility for thine own stupidity and lack of forethought."
  7. Bloody oath.

    That bloke had the opportunity to hit a politician with a truck, and he totally wasted it.

    That's pretty unaustralian. I'm disgusted.
  8. "A minibus following the Abbott vehicle started to pass on the left but seemed to slow down, ..."

    '"The car has stopped first, the van's tried stopping behind the car but couldn't, so it's pulled to the left-hand side of the car," he said.'

    Makes it sound like they were taking up two lanes while travelling at a low speed (or stopped?), shortly after a turn.

    EDIT: I may need to re-read the article, though.
    EDIT, again: Looking at the video, seems the minibus was going slow as it went past the car. Which, then there's only two lanes, and the vehicle behind you has a lot of inertia, is not a great way to do things.
  9. But the road in this situation is an express speed country road and why would a car decide to turn right in to an empty paddock on a road like that is anybodies guess. I drive trucks part time and the driver had good skill to avoid running over Abbot's car and controlling the truck while it was in rear wheel drift mode.

    Once the trailer of a truck starts drifting and especially if the surface is slightly damp or wet God help all around the truck. Lucky it was dry.

    I'm sure the white car could have turned earlier before the traffic behind him caught up but obviously was taking it easy due to the cameras as they were shooting a video.

    At the end what's important is no one got hurt.
  10. He was pulling over to the location of the press conference

    No, good skill would have been not getting into that situation in the first place. Good skill would have been watching the car infront and allowing adiquate stopping distance. Dumb luck is waiting till the last second and preventing a crash.
    Yea, im with the general consensus. It is clear the truck company is trying to "pass the buck" The only one who needs a "kick up the bum" is the truckdriver, who clearly is a hazard to all around him.
  11. Quite a few people are saying this, but he showed poor skills by putting himself in the situation in the first place. Clearly he didn't leave enough gap, or was asleep or distracted.
  12. Correct me if I am wrong (I was once, back in 1976), but isn't the "hook turn" only a requirement in Victoria in the CBD of Melbourne? I believe it was introduced initially to take into account the sharing of the road with trams.
  13. correct
  14. Thank you. Not being from south of the border, I always found that that one messed me up completely whenever I ventured into Melbourne. Just can't get my head around it at all.
  15. I know he was pulling over for that as I explained it in my post.

    When & If you ever drive a truck especially a semi of that size with a full load try pressing the brakes to stop in a short distance and you will understand how hard it is to come to a complete stop. It is not easy at all. Tru driver did extremely well under the circumstances to avoid a road carnage.

    How would the truckie now there was a press conference happening on a road he probably travels up and down 10 times every week when he has never seen it before.

    Drive a truck and you'll understand mate.
  16. How much space would have been required for him to break safely?
  17. Truck driver attitudes are a major problem, especially Interstate haul truckers.
    This is not a truckie bash, as I hold a HR licence as well as m'cycle licence..
    On several recent trips between Brisbane and Sydney, trucks would deliberately sit less than a metre off my rear car bumper.
    Man, that is scary, when one nudge from their big bullbar would send me off into the bush or a tree at 100k's.
    Pure intimidation to force you to drive faster, as if sitting on 100Kmh is not fast enough in a big mother of a rig.Maybe it gives the drug addled truckie a hard on or something.
    They truly think they are king of the road and hold all other vehicles in contempt.
    Of course, no cops in sight for the whole trip.
    Why don't the cops stop braying the "speed kills" mantra and look at dangerous tailgating etc ?
    No money in it I guess.
  18. The trucking company didn't suggest the car do a hook turn as such as is the case of the CBD of Melbourne but rather to actually get off the road altogether and on to the median strip to wait for traffic behind to pass.

    If there was a street, park, shops etc where the white car was trying to turn in to it is in the right for doing so. But he was indicating to turn in to a vacant grassland and hence wasn't required to but only was voluntarily to appear on camera and could have given way to the Joe Blo's behind in traffic minding their own business and who are working etc such as the truck/van drivers.
  19. That's the first time I've seen the incident, and it puts a whole new light on it. The media would have convinced me that it was all Abbott's fault.

    What Abbott was doing was legal, but not the smartest way of going about it. What the minibus driver did was (AFAICS), probably illegal and dangerous- changing lanes without checking (?). What the truck driver did was put everyone in danger by not allowing enough stopping distance, and in the case of a casualty, he would very likely have been the one charged.

    In a strange twist of fate, if the road had a solid dividing line, that would not have stopped Abbott turning into the property, but if he had pulled off the road to do a U-turn (probably safer) it would have been illegal.
  20. If he was fully loaded which from the drift looked like it was that is a truck that probably weighed gross 30000 - 50000kgs.

    If he was at a speed of 80km would have needed at least 300-400 metres to brake safely. Mind you the van being there didn't help out the truckies cause either as the trucky then had to also take the van and what they would do in to consideration as well. The car was in the right lane, the van swerved to the left lane and than the truck had to swerve even further left so you can understand how easy an accident was likely to occur if it wasn't for the trucky having the balls to swervce the leftmost on to the median strip to avoid hitting anybody/thing.