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Truck tried to ram me for lane splitting

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by dammit, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Ok...so this has happened to me 2 separate times now...which is pretty annoying.

    I ride in the morning peak hour to work each morn, on a dual carriageway motorway (2 lanes each way...Western Freeway in Brisbane)...anyway, traffic is pretty gnarley, generally speaking there is always a 5km grid lock as you get to the city (roundabout bottleneck).

    It's only 2 lanes, I often lane filter (or 'split'...but only if traffic is going say 40km/hr or less), I split up the left hand side on the edge usually (which is a small edge - say about 50cm wide, with either a drop and grass/gravel or guard rail), as often if you go up the middle it is a bit tricky as people sometimes change lanes or drift over and trucks/buses take up most of their lane. I know most people say the centre is much better for splitting than the edge because on the edge people pull off and open doors and stuff but this is a freeway and there are no exits in the last 4 km to the city and practically no edge big enough for a car to go on, so that's why I do that.

    Anyway, a few weeks ago I was riding up the LHS edge past a whole heap of cars moving extremely slow, went to lane split up between a guard rail and a B double truck - plenty of room truck going at a walking pace, the truck driver quickly swerved his steering wheel and aimed his truck directly in my path to block me off (or crush me against the guard rail - undecided). Luckily I jammed my brakes on because at first I thought the truck might have just been a little distracted or unintentionally doing it but if I hadn't of pulled out and backed off when I did I would probably not be here typing this now. Later when I got back into a normal lane behind him and finally got past the normal way he was yelling out the window at me.

    Fair enough, some people get angry as they see you 'jumping the queue' etc, have a quick yell out your window or something but don't try and injure or kill me for it.

    This exact scenario also happened to me again since this incident, with a double dump truck, only difference was this time when I got past him he was laughing.

    So either these truckies were angry at me for trying to zip past, bored and wanted a laugh, or trying to teach me a lesson because they have too many near misses with motorcycle riders and want us to stop?? I'm almost at the stage where if I see a truck I am very reluctant to go around it on the edge, and should either wait behind it or go through the centre of the 2 lanes (as obviously it can't ram me if there is an innocent passenger car in the 2nd lane).
  2. I think you've been unlucky. Tipper drivers can be a bit feral but, by and large, truckies give me the fewest problems and are the most courteous drivers within the limits of their vehicles.

    That said, a couple of mornings ago I had a bloke in a light box van (~7.5T GVW or so) who seemed to be trying to lure me up alongside him and then squash me. Got past him when he was caught solidly stationary with no room to move over though :D.
  3. Definately unlucky. In no way doubting you but it seems very odd for someone who would have been split past hundreds of thousands of times to get upset by one in particular and risk your life and their freedom. I'm far more scared of the bloke who's had a shit of a day and doesn't work professionally on the roads. There's also the possibility he was yelling because he nearly accidentally cleaned you up because he thought you were being a goose.

    Of he'd just smoked some ice.
  4. Another good reason not to use the emergency lane is because there's a lot of shit in it & tyres are expensive.

    Don't take it to heart, they probably didn't want to hurt you (too much).

    It's fun when a driver tries to cut you off & you zip round the other side in the big gap they're created :grin:, I can see how that would be a bit tricky with a truck though.
  5. I think you're asking for trouble riding up the left to be honest!
    Stick to the middle of the lanes, you should be going slow enough compared to the traffic that no lane changes are an issue, and you should be able to read the traffic pretty well if you're splitting anyway...
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  6. What ever happened to " overtaking side, suicide".
    Always go past trucks on their right hand side. That way they will see you give them a friendly wave, not just some twat just shoot out and cut them off.
  7. probably telling you to not take on the left hand side,
    1.) in my experience i find i check the rhs mirror almost double what i check the left,
    2.) many people see the left as undertaking.... people dont like bieng undertaken and many view it as illegal. so they hate it double, then splitting
    3.) your cutting of his escape as well.
    4.) and youve probably scared him a few times when youve come up past him on the left unexpectadly.... they like to be aware of their surroundings.
  8. I certainly understand why you'd overtake on the left shoulder on the Western Freeway, but the other posters are probably correct that doing so is more of a surprise for drivers (though there are at least a handful of motorcycles that do exactly that every day on the Western Freeway).

    On the plus side, just after you cross Moggil Rd there's that huge space opens up on the right-hand shoulder. If only it didn't run out after a few hundred metres...
  9. In one sense you should thank the driver because, as you yourself have admitted, you probably won't attempt such a herp derp maneuver again, and therefore he has potentially saved you from being sc****d off the wheels of a truck.
  10. Generally speaking, you can't see shit out the LHS mirror on a truck, so passing them on that side is asking for trouble.
    Also, no matter how much you think you ride, most truck drivers are on the road 10x more than you are, and see 10x as many dickheads, so their threshold for cracking the shits tends to be pretty high, so you proably just got caught out by one of the few crackheads/attitude problem bad apples.
    I'd meant to get my bike license for years, but it was actually getting my truck lisence and doing a few interstate trips for work that tipped me over the edge, you can read the road and other road users better from a truck than any other vehicle, and it was that experience that gave me the confidence to get my motorbike license.
    I think it should be taught from Learners onwards, keep the HELL away from trucks, don't sit behind them, don't sit beside them, don't sit in front of them, get past and out of the way as soon as possible because if they need to react to something and they haven't seen you, it doesn't matter what the law says, physics always wins and if you're gunna get squished, you're gunna get squished.

  11. Having tried to squash you against a guardrail I'd say it pretty obvious he saw you. Regardless of which way you choose to split the decision and the consequences are yours and yours alone. For a driver to purposefully swerve at you for whatever reason his tiny little mind comes up with beggars belief. If he has intentionally swerved a truck at you to 'teach you a lesson' because he believes what you're doing is 'dangerous' then he needs a good healthy dose of reality check.

    Obviously his mirrors are too high to kick so you'll need to get creative.

    It's fucktards like him that are giving the rest of the fucktards a bad name.
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  12. Wrist mounted crossbow bolt into the trailer tyres is probably a bad idea though :D.
  13. I'd like to try my hand at a metal boomerang. With a bit of practice you could get in one window and out the other.
  14. Perhaps he saw another bike filtering down the middle and moved left to give him/her room? (The shouter not the laugher)
  15. Perhaps he suffered acute flatulence, and upon lifting his arse cheek to vent himself he did turn the wheel.
  16. Another good reason to not be between a truck and a guard rail!
  17. ...or maybe he was possessed by an alien spirit? ....kinda like Tom Cruise was
  18. ...hey maybe he had a heart attack and died, but then got better???
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  19. ....WAIT! I figured it out, he was driving a clown truck where it steers opposite to where you want it go. He was actually trying to avoid the OP but forgot he was driving a fucking clown truck!
  20. Exactly chef. There are a billion other things it could have been other than an attempt to ram the fella.