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Truck Talk editorial

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bikeboy, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. Just happened upon this schpeel from the presenter of c31's Truck Talk tonight:

    I missed the context of the editorial because I was fumbling around for a tape to record it-don't those VCRs take *forever* to spin up when you're in a hurry :-(

    I've asked for a transcript, but I'm not hopeful of getting it. They also repeat the program at 5:30 next saturday, but not sure if it'll be this episode.

    Anyway, the guist of her speech seemed to be bike versus truck collisions, to which she offers a few suggestions as to how we may avoid these situations. What really got my back up was her clearly anti-bike attitude.

    I haven't even watched two wheel torque yet I was so annoyed.

    Am I over-reacting?

  2. Is she saying that bikes can't use all their lane???
    i.e. That bikes shouldn't apex a corner.

    God, trucks commonly have to swing over the centre line of a road to turn....they even mount gutters on turns...how can they talk.....what bull!
  3. Just finished watching the end of this show, and guess what? They have a "stupid driver of the week" award, and an email address. OK, the example they read out was about a CAR driver, but that doesn't mean truck drivers can't be stupid too right? Anyway, if I see a stupid truck driver, I'll be sure to let them know about it at mailto:trucktalktv@yahoo.com.au. I might even win a street directory if they read it out on the tele. But I don't think they will ;-)
  4. treat it with the contempt it desrves
    "a proffessional driving tip from someone who doesnt ride a bike " so its just a proffessional warm fuzzy feeling un eductaed opinion .
  5. On the way home last night I was berated by a passenger of a cage driver telling me to move over. I was in the right hand wheel track of the left lane and there were passing in the right hand lane. The schoolboy passenger poked his head out the window and told me to move over. I stopped belong side them at the traffic lights and asked them what they thought they were driving, a truck?
    Plenty of space for me and them but a perfect example of most cage drivers not understanding that I'm entitled to use the whole of the lane.
  6. I have driven trucks both civil and military and there are some real cowboys out there.
    In the years I drove, I saw plenty of cars and the very rare bike who tend to forget 22ton trucks don't as quickly as they do, or require more space to turn.

    There are always fools wherever you go
  7. Normally, trucks are pretty good in awareness of cars/bikes, you do get the occasional idiot who refuses to look. I've also seen lots of stupid car drivers as well as the occasional biker.
  8. you have got to be shitting me?!?!?! wtf is going on out on the roads these days??!!?!?!?
  9. you'll notice that truckies are the only ones who check their left hand mirror too, cars just MERGE... pricks
  10. I am meant to stay on the inside of the median painted line! If I stray outside this line I am being irresponsible and endangering my own life. Gosh, the depth of the presenters concern for my safety has made me see the light. I am booking to have my bike crushed into a cube this very minute. It's the only way to ensure that I am no longer an irresponsible menace to society and its decent, law abiding road users.

    :roll: :wink:
  11. Truck Talk - sounds like an exciting show. :shock:
    Wish I had C31 up here :)

    I think truckies are quite good on the roads considering, but I'm sure there are a few cowboys too. If you give them respect and help them out a bit, can be very thankful. I imagine attitude and accidents brew when road users don't give trucks enough room on the roads (some plop themselves in front of them when they are trying to stop which doesn't help). I feel sorry for them...long hours and constantly on the go. If they weren't there we wouldn't get food, all our 21st Century trinkets and things, would we?

    How to avoid a prang with one, well...
    Be mindful that the wind can blow them around
    Don't overtake them when they are swinging out to turn (what? there's signs on the back that say I can't overtake!!?)
    Give them adequate room to stop
    Stay on the correct side of the road

    Commonsense applies. :D
  12. yep, she sounds like a dipshit to me :LOL:

    not that theres anything wrong with what she's saying from what i can tell, its just a case of "well DUHHHH" :roll: dont cut corners eh, well i'll be god damned, i thought cutting corners was SAFER for me? i suppose your gunna start telling me that ciggarettes are bad for me and that picking my nose with a powerdrill might not be the best idea either?

    professional NUMBNUT methinks, does she really think we're all that dumb :? ahwell, a cage is a cage and she's definately got the mentality of a cager.....