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Truck stops, how safe

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cotso, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. gday all. going on a solo to QLD from Vic (thanks to mate pulling the pin) up Hume then coming in the back way to Gold Coast. will be staying at truck stops or in the bush, and was wondering if anyone had any safety issues (dickheads ,etc ) as i'm trying to do it one the cheap, Cheers cotso

  2. I travelled up and down the east coast a few years back in a ford econovan camper.
    I didn't have any trouble with dickheads as they tend to be too busy doing laps of the local main street 200kms away.
    One thing I did learn about staying in truckstops is have a good think about where you are going to park and set up shop for the night. Big F/Off trucks will be rolling in during the night and usually only looking out for smaller vehicles.
  3. Wow sounds like a real adventure! I got no idea about the rest stops though.
  4. When I did my straya trip we comboed road side with camp sites. I wouldn't be too keen staying at truck stops as there's better places to stay on the byways and what not. You'd be hard pressed to find dickheads in the wilderness but truck stops are just that and I'm not an expert but potentially truckies might not like you being on their turf.
  5. i've camped in many. the pit toilets can be very bad. further north they can house families of indigenous australians. so be aware you are intruding in someones home.

    the only time i've ever had any weird stuff go down, was when a bus load of special adults stopped at the truck stop to use the public toilets.
    the carer had difficulty managing some of them. there was a lot of yelling and strange noises comming from the toilets. then two of the special men escaped the carer and ran out of the toilets with no pants on and started throwing their faeces at each other.
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  6. cabins or onsite vans are VERY cheap of season in more remote townships
  7. As a Special Ed teacher I can assure you that this is not unusual and nothing to worry about. Unless you are aked for help (you almost certainly won't be), continue on with your business and try not to stare. :)

    Just pull up anywhere out of the way and set up mate. Truck drivers won't care if you're camped there. They're not territorial, they'll probably be thankful to have someone sleeping there that's more at risk to dickheads (not that dickheads are likely to be a problem either). Just make sure you camp in a spot that is out of their way. I have to drive buses as part of my job and it shits me no end when people park in places that make it difficult to turn when they could have easily stopped somewhere smarter.

    My only concern is that you plan to use the Hume. Man, I spent many years driving up and down that road and can say without hesitation that it is batshit boring! Hit the hills and have some fun instead of just wearing down the centre of your tyres.
  8. Mate of mine bought a while heap of camping gear to do some big trips with his missus on the Hardley. First night out he went to the local Caravan park, paid $30 for a spot, set up then went to the pub.

    Had a few too many at the pub. and ended up getting a room at the pub the $20.

    From then on he offloaded his gear and stayed in pubs for $20-$30 a night.

    The other thing is Youth Hostels. They are not age limited these days and in off season in regional areas they are not very busy.
  9. I did a trip from Adelaide to Sydney over a couple of days a few years ago. I did come across two guys that stayed the night at a truck stop who said it was fine but I don't think its somewhere I would like to spend the night - I'm not that pretty but its not something I'd be doing by myself.

    Pull into the nearest town and find a pub or just go to the local shop and ask about places where you could stay. Hotels on the main road will slug you for $50 or so, if its in a side street that most people won't pass its $25-$30 another benefit to this is they are quieter and generally a little nicer. You can have a nice hot shower at the end of the day, sleep in a real bed and there is no need to take any camping gear. Having a good nights sleep makes for a good riding day in my experience.
  10. Dunno. Ask Peter Falconio if you see him!
  11. Did a run across australia on a 1200GS with panniers. I overloaded it a bit but I managed to camp just off of the road every night and have cooked meals for dinner and breakfast and a shower every night. Only thing I had to resupply was fuel, water, ice and some food.

    Admittedly I could ride off road to get away from the road but a road bike could to if you go slow enough and pick your path.

    All you need is a small compact tent, roll up inflatable mattress and inflatable pillow, sleeping bag, small bush shower which is essentially a plastic bag with a nozzle and string attached to swing if over a tree or hand off the back of the bike and squat under if you get unlucky. I had a small 10L water jerry strapped to the pillion part of the seat and a small compact esky strapped to where the top box is which kept bacon, butter, milk and a powerade cold every day, all I had to do was fill it with half a bag of ice every day when i did the last fuel stop for the night. Food was cooked on a portable gas stove that fit inside a coffee cup and I used the same one pot to cook food, fry bacon and eggs or have a bowl of cereal in if I wanted to.

    The bush shower uses about 5L of water for the shower which will give you enough time to soap up then rinse off for about 2 minutes. As I was often in view I'd take a small micro towel and shower in my boardies and thongs. Most of the time it was a cold shower but if you heated up a litre of water and mixed it in you have a warm shower.

    So you can rough it quite comfortably and fit just about all that stuff in a small duffel bag and sit it on top of a small water jerry thats strapped down on the back seat. As for the esky well if your prepared to eat cereal every morning you could go with UHT milk and not need an esky or just wait until you hit the next truck stop for a big truckie breakfast.
  12. A $20-$30 room at a pub sounds great, but where do you park your bike? I assume you don't park it out front on the main street where pub patrons, be they drunk or sober, can mess with it. Do you ask the publican for permission to park round back?
  13. A lot of those pubs have a lock up garage, All you need to do is ask.
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  14. It can get pretty noisy with trucks stopping and starting at all hours,lots of good options on here
  15. Yeah most pubs will at least have an area where the publican and/or stuff park their vehicles.
  16. Thanks all for the replies,will play it as it comes, but should be a good trip.Cheers
  17. Ive done the queensland run numerous times, never had any trouble or issues at all. Just be smart about what you do.