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Truck Retreads Almost

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by SIDSU Magnet, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone. Finally decided to post after lurking for about a year.

    Anyhow, going south to Old Pacific Highway yesterday along the freeway from Newcastle and if anyone notices that truck tyres usually happen to blow when going over the bridges that cover the dips in the undulating land. Since there are lips on some of the bridges, it seems that that at this point is when a retread happens to blow off the tyre from the suden impact of that lip.

    And so, after seeing so many fly off into oblivion over the years (and probably kill a feral rabbit), I guess it was my turn to take a hit.

    I got smacked full force from roughly a third of a truck tread at about 125km/h, which would had hit me about half that speed. I didn't fall off but I have a broken right indicator and one brusied rib.

    I saw it blow off in a puff of powder, fly up and go erratic, come down and hit the road, bounce back up and smack my front right side. I did an e-brake (no lock) since I was wobbly and buzzing and almost had brown trouser time. Had to take a breather and assess the damage. Being extremely pissed off faded and started laughing (adrenaline.... mmmm).

    Scary and Close.

    I ride VTR250 06 + me fully decked out in DriRider Nordic/Summit Pro, Alpinestar boots, summer gloves, Nolan fullface and yet, the tread chunk happens to find an unarmoured section of my jacket and smack me a good one.

    I dread to tread on the thought of something worse happening. :roll:

  2. did you happen to take note of the any markings on the truck? Did you happen to get the rego or see any signs such as "we support good driver Call xxxxxxxxx "?

    Good thing our not overly hurt, and your bikes in good nick. I once had a steel hose fitting come off a cattle truck and smash the window of the wifes cage at the time. Trucking company paid for a new one and gave me a fuel voucher.

    Still the important thing is this wasn't a disaster.
  3. Yep get the name of the company that owns the truck in future if you can.

    At work we've had two company cars windshields' taken out thanks to flying rocks and debris from trucks, and in both instances the truck companies paid for replacements.

    Well done on staying shiny side up.
  4. Well done in staying shiny side up m8!! Could have been alot worse. I would like to be able to say that i would have been able to stay up as well and i guess that i can take something away from this as well. Heal quick and glad to hear that you are ok in the bigger picture!!!
  5. Thanks.

    I moved to the side of the freeway as soon as I could. I stopped to check damage and get the electrical tape out and reattach the indicator housing (globe still worked, orange plastic remained intact)since it was hanging by wires.
    The truck must of taken an off-ramp since I could not find the truck after i took off at legal speed. It was an interstate company (yellow and green numberplates) in a flowing banner print on the side of the truck and it was white, but very dirty. Since there are many offramps, it would have been a lottery to see which one he took to replace his blown tyre.
    The impact of the tread seemed to have been concentrated on the handlebar since my forks were misaligned. After having time to check over the bike yesterday, its seems like the tread impacted the handlebar inside of the F brake reservoir. I have had to realign the hangers so they point straight.
    I have tighten the four bolts hold the whole thing together.

    EDIT: I was going south towards the playground when i got hit.. I actually did a few laps of Somersby to Cowan with the bike handling a bit off. The bars were out by about 10mm.
  6. When I first moved to the Sunny Coast in my trusty little '87 Corolla I was introduced to the local highways by a flying retread smashing my RHS headlight and indicator :|

    It would be somewhat nicer if they could make retreads disintergrate instead of flying off in large motorbike sized chunks.
  7. Yeah i had a full retread blow off a truck when I was just behind it to the right, going flat out on my 250 when I was a learner.

    Luckily it missed me (just), but to this day I don't hang around on freeways near trucks.
  8. I have loaded too many trucks at work to bother hanging around them on freeways. It would make your skin crawl to see how many bits and pieces they have floating around, let alone delaminating tyres.

    I have seen mops, brooms, buckets, camlock fittings etc poked into recesses/mudgaurds etc. All held there by gravity! :shock: Loose hoses and probably worst was an electric fluid pump that takes two people to lift, that just sits in behind the spare tyre. When I asked if the driver was going to tie it down he replied that he`s only every lost one so why bother.

    Why bother! :evil: cos they weigh about 40kg`s and are as big as a large esky!
    And don`t get me started on tradesmans ute`s, I don`t hang around them either.
  9. Brilliant effort staying vertical mate.

    Slightly off topic and speaking about loose loads, riding along melbourne citylink one night outbound at the tulla / calder interchange thingo, right there, in the middle of the road, was............. A FUKN FRIDGE!!! Imagen if someone had of change lanes and pulled into line with that thing!! (slight bend in the freeway)
  10. Thankyou.

    A Kodak moment.
  11. Guess whos mum had a whirlpool.
  12. glad to hear you're ok and laughing about it ( now! ).

    but what a fing horror story! everytime i make the trip up to do the old rd i see those things on the side of the rd.....never thought about being near one when it came off!

    good riding and recovery, and love your attitude about it. cheers
  13. was part of the joy of growing up on that road. retreads, timber, steel sections, cement bags, surfboards, hyundais and all sorts of other bits get thrown at you.
    glad you're ok. some of them big buggers dont even know when a rear one drops off till they stop or it tangles the wheels and makes them jump.you is one farken lucky chappy
  14. Id be doing that :eek:
  15. You guys crack me up fair dinkum. A large chunk of flying rubber hits you at 100+ km/h and the first thing that pops into your head is, oh I'd better note down some details. Gimme a break :roll:
    That would of stung like a bastard, self preservation would be the only thought worth thinking about, you know, like staying upright and not pooing yourself at the same time.

    It's got me beat how in todays safety nazi culture that retreads are even allowed on trucks anymore. Even if they don't hit someone when they let go, they'll sit on the road until something or someone moves them. Steel belted radials sitting on a road with protuding metal spikes sitting up looking to impale something, WTF's with that? But as they're just sitting there and not speeding they can't be dangerous.

    I'll reiterate what's already been said by others, I wont ride anywhere near a truck if i can help it. Even if the truck doesn't get you, the cars around it can. I've only ever witnessed a truck tyre blowing once and that was enough, the lady who was driving beside it at the time shat herself and jumped sideways across a lane and a half while slamming on the brakes. Avoiding the tyre was easy, avoiding her took a little more effort.

    The other things to bear in mind about trucks are, sometimes their brake lines pop off and lock the brakes, (that's what those two snaking skidmarks are that eventually work their way off to the side of the road) I've never seen it happen, but i imagine it throws the surrounding traffic into disarray.
    Then there's trucks carrying livestock, who's occupants can empty themselves on you as you ride alongside.
    Nah, I don't like trucks.
  16. well said chef.
    id be ringing every single truck company..
  17. Where do you get that they are "retreads" from? By the way retreads are different from recaps and even recaps have nothing at all to do with the radial belted section of the tyre carcass.
  18. when the whole carcass goes there is belts.
    i think you may find this is the situation being referred to
  19. Jesus, didn't realise i needed to be a f@cking tyre expert. Maybe I'll state it this way, how can shitty exploding tyres be allowed to be used on trucks?
    Going by the amount seen sitting on the side of the road, it's not a small problem. And they mainly seem to happen at freeway/highway speeds.
  20. Which has nothing to do with retreads and little even to do with recaps so why are they to blame? Not having a go just a technical correction.