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Truck rear ends bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by basejumper, Feb 17, 2016.

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    Don't pull out Infront of a big rig and hit the brakes

    Bikers Statement:

    " I was in the left lane approaching the traffic lights at an intersection. I changed into the middle lane, when the lights turned yellow. I proceeded to slow down and was nearly stationary when the truck behind me decided to run the yellow, which became a red and rear-ended me. Upon initial impact, I fell to the left side but the truck continued travelling for about 200 metres before stopping. He claims he didn't see me and thought he had a blown tyre. "

    @2:02:36 is when the lights turned orange. (97.2 m from the white line assuming he was going 70km/hr)
    @2:02:39 is when the lights turned red. (assuming it is a 3 second gap between a red light and a green light)
    @2:02:42 is when the arrow turned green for the right turn.
  2. F....

    Given they could make a statement about it they are alive...

    If you can stop, you stop (the law) - unless you are in front of someone that can't (or is just unlikely too - many drivers who Amber means floor it).

    Can easily see how this could happen - but gotta be aware of your surroundings.

    I drive trucks and that is some cowboy driving there from the rig. There were in no position to stop regardless of light colour. It was an accident in the making.

    Very sobering and informative to see as a lesson to always be aware when changing direction or lanes at all times.
  3. Hard to see much from this. It would be interesting to see the video from the truck.
    IMO, hard to fault the truck driver.
    I would have changed back to the left lane if I saw the lights change immediately after I had changed lanes without leaving much room for the truck to stop in.
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  4. Poor awareness on the riders part and lucky to come away with his life.
    Maybe a subconscious fear of red light speed cameras a contributing factor?
    Shitest idea ever those things.
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  5. You mean aside from a total lack of ability to drive with due caution? That rig ran a red light.
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    Truck driver definitely wanted to go through those lights
    That was fcuking scary that guy should buy a tatts ticket.
    And with that behind me I wouldn't be stopping
  7. Another dobber posting video
  8. Hell yeah! If B Doubles want to run red lights at speed I see no public interest in that at all... Pfft bloody nanny state!

  9. that rider is one lucky SOB.
  10. And the moron rider changed lanes into it's path with no consideration of what the consequences would be.

    Basically, yes the truck driver ran a red light. Legally he's probably at fault. But in all honesty the rider shouldn't have put himself where he did. The accident was totally avoidable had the rider been smarter about what he was doing.
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  11. The truck driver is obviously at fault for running the red. The turn arrow is on before he gets half way though. However, the rider changed lanes just before the lights, probably over a solid white line, which is also illegal. Both at fault to some extent. How much fault can be attributed to each? Dunno, but the rig should have been capable of stopping if the lights turned red, and he obviously couldn't.
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  12. Legally maybe. But the reality is that the rider put himself in that position. He obviously wasn't aware of his surroundings and didn't thing about what he was doing.
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  13. Too right nanny state out of control
  14. I've had the same thing happen, except in a car. The main difference was that I had been in the lane in front of the truck for about a couple kilometres before the lights (Kingsford Smith Drive, heading into town, near the Brekky Ck). The lights turn amber, and although I possibly could have snuck through, there was a chance of it turning red before I got to the line. I slowed before noticing that the Mack grille behind me was rapidly filling my rear vision mirror. I ended up parked broadside style across the traffic in the neighbouring lane. He would have missed my boot by about a foot I reckon.

    I've seen plenty of instances where people don't give heavy vehicles enough time and space to stop but it's also evident that truck drivers simply don't care sometimes and bully their way through traffic.
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  15. Truck driver legally at fault, but there is a fair chance that he could not stop in time if he had chosen to stop. With a big truck close behind him, the rider should have run the amber light as it was highly likely the truck was not going to stop. Common practice here in Rockhampton of big trucks running red lights so I always check what is behind me before deciding to slow down for amber lights.
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  16. I don't think the Truck driver saw the rider at all to be honest. You try and think of the angle the drive can see on those types of trucks. The rider pulls in front and I don't the the truckie had a chance to see him at all. Even after contact was made it didn't look like the truck was slowing down, rather speeding up.

    I hope the rider is ok though as it looked pretty bad.
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  17. It goes back to the old question, "would you rather be right, or alive?" The truck driver may have been at fault, but it's a bit hard to argue that from within a wooden box if you're a bike rider who darts in front at lights.
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  18. I read the responses before watching the clip and thought must be trucks fault. After watching video - fcuk, would never pull in front of truck that close let alone thinking of stopping in front of it, not even in a bullet proof Mercedes let alone on a bike.
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  19. Rider is at fault - a B Double @70 kmh will take 3-400 mts to pull up, it was always going to keep moving, bike moved across into the truck's lane and the driver would not have seen him - lucky he's not just a greasy skid mark on the road. I drive a cattle truck infrequently and see it quite a bit, cars and bikes cutting in front of you with no regard for your stopping distance. Please be aware these trucks can be up to 60 + tonnes and they and their drivers deserve your respect, cowboys or not, they take a long distance to stop, period.
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  20. Even longer when they are on drugs too...