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Truck plays 52 card pickup with my wallet.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by SarcasticGamer8, May 18, 2011.

  1. Idiot mistake. I filled up and didn't zip up my jacket pocket.
    Going down a road that has no street lights (Sayers Rd in Williams Landing for those who know it) I feel my pocket get significantly lighter.
    I pull over and walk a few metres to see my wallet in the middle of the road.
    As I wait for the next set of vehicles to pass, I watch a semi-trailer truck run right over my wallet sending all my cards and cash bursting into the air. Im left looking for my shit in pitch black. Luckily I recovered my wallet, licence and atm card. Everything else is MIA.

  2. Unlucky mate.
    Your bike has a headlight right? Wouldnt that have helped some?
    Hell even a flashing indicator in pitch black would have helped...
  3. smartphone /w camera flash?
  4. I pulled over after I Realised it had fallen out. The road is way too dangerous to "reverse" or do a u-turn on. I have an iPhone 3gs so no flash light. Tried using the screen light but it did sweet f-all.
    Unlucky, but some-what funny.
  5. You were lucky really because i'm sure you would have seen the hilariousness of your wallet being runover only to explode into a pile of money.

    I once had my wallet disappear while i was riding my old Sachs, freaked out, had to get a new license etc. Few weeks later it's been handed in at school and i was all like "wtf? omg lol i thort dat iz waz mizing lol".

    People are nice sometimes; unfortunately for you, sometimes people are trucks.
  6. Hahaha, you fail!!
  7. Try searching for a awol hearing aid that fell outta my tankbag on a pitchblack night! (1.5k worth)
    Farrk! Up and down the road slowly trying to find the clucker.
    Oh yeah, it was black in colour too!
    Finally found it.
    Wife thought I was using this as an excuse for 'seeing' someone else! as I was out for an extra hour with a red hot engine from trawling along so slowly.
  8. You poor b@stard. I'll admit I lol'd. I pictured a pidgeon hitting a fan effect.
    Sorry mate.

    (next time you're at the servo, buy one of those led torches they have at the counter and chuck it under your seat. Take the batteries out though keep 'em seperate)
  9. I carry one of these with me on those days where it is likely to become dark at night.
    Provides a decent amount of light, runs off an aa battery and it is cheap enough to throw at people if you have to - but be warned it was made by filthy *****s.

    This one is smaller/lighter and better quality, running off a AAA battery, but unfortunately it is probably also made by ****-**** filth - http://www.shiningbeam.com/servlet/the-254/ITP-A3-EOS-Cree/Detail
  10. Thanks fellas. My seat now holds a led torch.
  11. This is a great idea, but why the separate batteries?
  12. You separate the batteries to reduce the amount of drain that occurs when they just sit in the torch and to prevent damage from overheated batteries leaking (learned this one the last time I tried to play guitar hero and found 2 fragged batteries in the controller).
  13. :wink: (y)
    I use a little duct tape to hold the batteries together. Masking tape hardens and clumps, elastic bands decay and snap.

    If you can get your hands on a small dyno torch, even better.
  14. Those little "shake and go" torches always provoked interesting comments on camping trips about the ability of some to get far more light than others. But I find that they are just so damn weak most of the time that it is far easier to just use a mini led torch.