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Truck drivers not checking mirrors

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. Yesterday afternoon I followed a big Kenworth Tipper into a carpark which had a construction site next door. I was in a small car (as I dont have my L's) and it had its right hand indicator on.

    So I went to pull around it as it was stopped, it then put on its left indicator, then its waring lights, then its right indicator and is just sitting there. So I felt the pressure with about 6 cars behind me to go around it (it was a two lane driveway). I get level with his front tyre when it starts turning in on me, I then put my foot down to get out of the way. It scared the S#$% out of me (a P plater) :wink:

    It just amazes me that some one who is in control of something this big cannot check his mirrors. I was also just wondering how riders cope with big trucks.

    Tim :D
  2. Tim,

    Your question is really about applying roadcraft.

    First rule of roadcraft :- space space space.
    First rule of roadcraft :- as far as practicable, get in front or stay well behind, but never beside.
    First rule of roadcraft :- always have an escape route especially when the other first rules of roadcraft are compromised.


    The rules have even more weight [pardon the pun] when it comes to trucks.

    Trucks are just another obstacle to manage - but have special extras- like, truckies are used to bullying the traffic, hate to lose momentum and are absolutely fed up with dumb arse drivers so have short fuses. This makes them do things which are not as predictable as mr/ms 9 to 5 cage driver.

    It goes without saying, but you can never ever win against a truck.

    By the way, the "never beside" thing goes especially for trucks... if a recap tyre goes while your lollygaggin beside it - you could very well be toast.

    Apart from all that... riding is heaps enjoyable :)

    BTW - these are just my opinions
  3. If you were level with his front wheel on his left then you were outside his mirrors and in his blind spot.
  4. Ok I am not sure if there are many truck drivers on this forum...

    But my husband works for energex and so has to drive a truck for work etc etc

    The truck driver actually gave you plenty of warning of his intensions.. by the indicators flashing in all directions

    Ok he indicatorewd left because that is the direction he needed to turn the truck a bit to make a right hand turn.. He then put his warning lights on to indicate he was going to make the right hand turn...

    You should never try and overtake a turning truck

    In this case I am sorry but you were in the wrong. Just be patient...Trucks are hard things to turn

    and as for him not looking in his mirrors.. you would have been in his blind spot and he did all the indicating needed to warn other drivers of what was going to happen.

  5. Gotta say of all the road users out there truck drivers (in general) seem to be the MOST observant.

    Stopping / manouvering one of those things around can't be all that easy with all the dickheads out there on the road. It's hard enough doing it on something as easy to manouver as a bike, let alone something 50 times longer and weighing a sheitload more!

    How many times do you see dickheads pull in front of trucks and just expect the truck to stop like a car would..

    Yes every now and then a trucky won't see you but in general I'd rather be around a truck than a car. (other than the popping retreads issue :D )

  6. Totally agree. I am happy to be riding around trucks (the bigger, more serious ones....not the little white ones with guys who definately cannot drive :evil: ). They are the most observant and considerate (without unduly affecting their travel).

    :D :D :D
  7. It's always tough when they are stopped.

    Once they have done so, they should check before they proceed.

    I was caught by this once. Truck driver was found at fault.
  8. I sit out on the side of the road while eating my lunch and watch all the cars get agro and almost crushed by the trucks.
    Its very entertaining :LOL:

    Its amazing how many people will try squeezing past a truck while its reversing into a driveway or keep moving forward as the truck moves in, then when the truck has to move forward again to make the turn the car is blocking it. Then the car refuses to move and beeps its horn at the truck. :roll:
  9. +1 on observant trucks. they're also the most likely to give a bit more space to a bike and have a chat at a set of lights. trucks are of a much higher order than cars, they're right up there with bikes IMO

    but yeah, NEVER try and get around a truck thats turning, especially if they're turning in the direction that your trying to overtake them :shock: they take a long time to turn and they're big heavy bastards so they take just as long to stop. and it sounds like you might have been out of the trucks sight, remember that those mirrors are tuned to see around the very back of them, not whats directly beside them.

    ahwell, live and learn. just remember that trucks are bigger and whether they're in the right or the wrong, YOUR the one thats gunna hurt :wink: (in fact, great thing to remember about all vehicles when your on the bike)
  10. Sydney truck drivers used to be good and I suppose the long haul guys still mostley are.

    But the Pantech guys and the container jockeys have no respect for anyone else on the road. I see 2-3 seriously life threatening incidents everyday that are the truck driver fault.
  11. Actually, my favourite time to travel is an night on freeways. Truck drivers are profesionals and spend their working lives on the road. They are absolutely aware of what's around them and are quite courteous. hey make mistakes like everyone else though.
    The problem is car drivers piss them off! I used to drive tow trucks (breakdown work) in the Sydney CBD and inner west, and you'd indicate to turn left, and they would ALWAYS try to undertake you, even if the gap was just not there! Or they would stop way past the stop lines at intersections, so you had to slow waaay down to make the turn, because there was no room in the intersection, and the car drivers behind you honk because you are too slow??And when you approach a broken down car, with lights flashing and slow down or heaven forbid, stop, they would honk at you and cause accidents trying to get around you!
    Yes, we get the shits with cars, but as a bonus, there is an unwritten law in the CBD that means truck drivers MUST give hell to cabbies in any way possible, cutting them off or whatever, for the reason that they are tools and deserve it.
    It's REAL hard taking a large truck into a car park area to drop off or pick up, you are thinking about your approach before you get there, sizing up the driveway, looking at where you will go in teh carpark before you get there, looking at how you will get out when you are in there etc. Ever tried manouvering something 35ft long, with a 25m turning circle out of a carpark designed for cars? Try it with wankers driving up your ass, while you have hazard lights and reversing lights on, and honking at you because you are in THEIR way! Ever driven something where turning the steering wheel RIGHT, makes the rear of the truck move LEFT by about 1m as the tray swings? It's real easy to clip something in tight spaces.....
    Give trucks a break, there is a lot of work involved in moving one around, especially in carparks where one little tap means thousands in damage.
    Some truckies are tools, but then , some car drivers and bike riders are tools too.

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. I believe signs on the backs of large vehicles that read "DO NOT OVERTAKE TURNING VEHICLE" are there for a reason...

    I have my MR license. Even though it is smaller than the people driving semi's, they are incredibly heavy vehicles and harder to stop and even harder to turn. People do not understand that trucks cannot turn as tightly as cars.
    I guess the lesson is do not let peer pressure force you to do anything.
  13. Sorry off topic a bit here guys...but is there a specfic list of roadcraft rules, or a book on it as such?

    I've just started reading Keith Code Vol 2 which is a great and informative book, but wondered if there was something specific to 'road craft'?

    For the record I have found truckies to be corteous on the road so far
  14. Don't overtake turning vechicle sign means.

    the sign allows the driver to occupy space outside an assigned lane when turning.

    the vechicle is within 50meters from the corner.

    the move can be done safely whenever possible, you should set up the back of the vechicle so that traffic behind you cannot over take a your vechicle on the side you are turning.

    i have a MC licence and work for truck driving school in melbourne
  15. I am a truck driver in Melbourne(metro) and also a rider.
    I drive trucks/cars/utes/motor bikes/mountain bikes.
    So I am always courteous and aware of ALL road users..I just wish other people were too..yes..it is hard for truckies to see you if you CANNOT SEE MY MIRRORS ..I CANT SEE YOU....its TRUE people.stay away from trucks..I had a guy run into the back of me in a car last year and I was stopped at lights..he hit me at about 40KPH and stopped dead..I didnt even have my handbrake on..I had my foot on the brake..and I didnt feel a thing when he hit..I heard it..and got out to see what happened
    when I got to the back of my truck I was met by a stoner/pisshead on a mobile phone swearing at his borrowed un-insured mates car...and his bonnet was an inverted triangle shape with the radiator spilling all over the roard and him saying he DIDNT SEE ME????@@$@....WTF?,.,,.,ah well...thanks for letting me vent...
  16. you just have to respect them

    and rember that there a lot bigger than you
  17. I find most truck drivers to be pretty good but some of them are just assholes.

    Yesterday on a 2 lane road with a filter lane on the left, I was in the filter lane and the truck swerved from the far right lane into my lane. I slammed on the brakes and the front end of my car was under his tray. I blasted my horn at him and he had the audacity to harrass me as I was continuing my journey.

    What the hell is up with that.

    As a whole though I find that the bigger truck drivers (semi's, etc) are a lot more courteous than other drivers out there on the road.
  18. Filter lane? what's that?

  19. Nope - not officially. Get the "ride on" video from the ATSB and get the new CD from the spokes website. Read all the roadcraft tips in here too.

    It mostly sensible stuff.

    Oh and do a rider skills consolidation course - say with stay upright or equivalent. They usually include a segment on roadcraft.


  20. as part of my job im required to drive trucks and bus's alot. id like to voice my side aswell. i would have to say we are even more vigilant on mirror checks than anyone else on the road. due to our size and our turning difficulties our mirrors are our eyes in all directions. ur on a bike. chances are ur lane splitting or cutting from side to side thru traffic using ur fast acceleration abilities. who's to say ur not playing " now i see u now i dont" with the truckie? ive had cars sit beside me for 300-400 meters while i have 5-6 indictaor lighst flashing indicating a lane swap.. car didint move. nothing makes a cager move fast outta the way than a air horn and a heavy truck lane swapping on top of them.. no curtesy at all shown by the driver.

    i know i give way to traffic and would like ot have it returned but it hardly gets much apreciation when in a truck in peek traffic. we use 7-14 gears to get moving and its often very slow going. its hard on the driver breaking clucthing changing so often to go so little distance.

    when approaching a set of lights under your brakes, and a car/bike swerves in front of you. u all of a sudden lose 5-7 meters of stopping distance, no one shows consideration to truck drivers on the raod and belive me they are putting in the harder yards than anyone else on that stretch of road at any particuler time of day.

    frustrations of the road.. come in all shapes and forms. bikes cars trucks.

    ride safe