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Truck driver hits 3 police cars while looking at boobs on Facebook

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Fa1c0n, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. @b12mick

  2. I blame RRdevil, driver was probably looking at the bewbs thread
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  3. Maybe it was Devil, before he upgraded to a train.
  4. uploadfromtaptalk1383875125564.
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  5. uploadfromtaptalk1383875288255.
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  6. I'm at work and this thread got NSFW real quick.
    I keep forgetting I have the ability to turn any thread into a boobie thread...
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  7. A fair chunk of the blame does have to lie with the cop for parking in the middle of a hwy with no flashing lights.
  8. OMG is the truck okay?
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  9. I'd give up fishing if I caught one that looked like that.
  10. Credit goes to the Womble .
  11. It sureeee does.
  12. <<Bewbmeister
  13. Wow, we're any cops injured. ?? Hang on who cares ...

  14. Yes, if the police car had flashing lights, the truck driver would have seen them straight through the screen he was staring at.
  15. The screen wasnt blocking his view. He was looking at a phone. The accident would have probably happened regardless. Though he would have been able to see lights a lot earlier. The truck driver clearly fd up big time and my post isn't trying to take away from what a drop kick he is. There is multiple factors in any accident.

    However the emergency guys were attending an accident. They had a lane closed with no prior warning and I couldn't see any sirens. This was a serious accident waiting to happen. An emergency response guy died because of it and it might have been avoided if the responders took some basic precautions.
  16. So instead of "a fair chunk" you mean "a small portion, possibly maybe."
  17. I'd go with "fair chunk"
  18. Well it's a pretty glaring fcuk up in my opinion and warning lights would have been visible a long way away. It's not rocket science that if you close off a lane on a freeway you make it as abundantly clear as possible. Of course vid quality is terrible and I might be wrong but it didn't look like there was any warning lights.

    By "a fair chunk" I mean no where near most at fault but a hell of a lot more than blameless. So I guess I would put that in the category that includes "a small portion" if you want to get specific on language. If little Timmy stole an 8th of a chocolate cake I think saying that brat stole a fair chunk or a small portion would both suffice. But fair chunk would be more appropriate if it was not expected for little Timmy to take any. If little Timmy was a bit of a clepto and the cake stealing was expected then a small portion would be more appropriate.
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  19. A small portion:


    a fair chunk:

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  20. Did someone say boobs? Mmmmmmm... Boooooobieeees... :D