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Troy Bayliss back to Ducati SBK?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by MalTravieso, May 12, 2010.

  1. My sources on the ground in Europe are tipping that Troy Bayliss will be back in World Superbikes, on a (Factory) Ducati, before the close of the 2010 season.

    They were right on the money with Spies to MGP and Toseland back to SBK so I wonder if they can go 3 for 3.

  2. Comebacks, comebacks, comebacks... ](*,)
  3. after just scoring a third for BMW :shock: ????
  4. :-s Ahhhh, that would've been the Corser one. Also named Troy.
  5. Whether he is serious or not, it may be the rocket up the bum that Haga and Fabrizio need to keep developing the bike to get it back on a consistent competitive pace.
  6. I think the problem with ducati is that they are a rudder less ship.
    David Tardozzi leaves and the boat has lost its way.
    Italian teams need strong leadership or they loose their way.
    Can Bayliss steer it in the right direction, i doubt it.
  7. SBK is becomimg the retirement village of (proper) racing.
  8. Wishful thinking from a few Cafe Latte types, the silly season is starting early this year, with Stoner back to Honda etc etc etc
  9. He is racing scooters!!! He bought a little derbi scooter from scooter hq on the gold coast the same day I bought mine (and that is the truth).
  10. TB, can race anything on 2 wheels & always look very laid back.