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Trousers for a Fat Bloke

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Tomo201070, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. I have finally admitted to myself that I need to lose weight. This is no great revelation to people who know me....I've been a fat bloke for years.

    This has only become a problem since I got into biking. It would appear that those of us who are generously proportioned around the mid-section are not allowed to buy protective clothing, or at least I haven't looked hard enough.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction in finding protective trousers that will fit me and are comfortable? I'm about 42-44" (or 105-107cm in new money) around the waist. I've tried 42" Draggins and they were too tight.

    I'm currently trying to lose the weight, but it keeps on f*cking finding me again!!

    Smart arsed "lose weight ya fat b*stard" comments, if worded well, shall be taken as humour!!

    I look forward to hearing back from you all.

  2. Have you considered overpants?

    My brothers friend is a large bloke and bought some Dri Rider overpants that fit well in the waist but a little long in the leg, nothing that will cause issues.

  3. Why don't you contact Draggins and see if you can get custom-made pants?? Can't hurt to ask.
  4. You could buy some heavy denim 'normal' jeans that fit and have Kevlar sewn into 'em.
    Alpinestars do some 5XL textiles as do a couple of others. You can get Draggin's custom made for an additional fee but I suspect if you're about to lose weight you're reluctant to splash out on custom made stuff, however if you have velcro tabs on LHS and RHS sides then your gear could shrink as you do. If you end up going as far as custom made, why not get some custom leathers?
  5. Try HORNEE jeans, they are oversized. I am a 38 in normal jeans, and the 38 HORNEE's I have are atleast 1 to 1.5 sizes bigger than them. They fall down! lol

    I am buying some 36's next week.
  6. As an alternative to denim this place:
    does leather jeans with CE armour for around the same price as a pair of Draggins (paid $200 for mine).
    Sizes go all the way to 9XL/130cm so finding something to fit shouldn't be a problem. They do charge extra for anything over XL though (because of the extra cow needed), but should only be an extra 30-40 bucks.
  7. +1 Paul
    Draggin Jeans do have a made to measure service.
    Give Fiona or Tim a Call, I'd be surprised If they can't help you
  8. hi everyone!!

    working in the motorcycle i have come across this issue a fair bit. If your tummy is the problem you should try the rjays tempest pant in a stout 2 or 3 or perhaps the new draggin 'extras' which are designed for the short legged ones like myself and have a few inches of extra kevlar so you're jeans will have protection in the right areas. Draggin even have a custom service if you can provide them with your measurements.

    I hope this helps

    oh and the rjays pants i mentioned are a winter lined waterproof pant
  9. So Tomo, what did you do in the end? Apparently you can get 'em up to 52" so you should be laughing. http://www.flexegate.com.au/cgi-bin/djstore/mbjean.html?id=mMRzvxDY&mv_pc=144
  10. As a girl with a 'larger proportioned bottom' I was advised to go to Tiger Angel (tigerangel.com.au) and they custom make your pants, jackets etc ... either leather or dri-rider type look.

    I have placed an order so will let you know how I find them! :grin:
  11. I purchased cordura pants from
    stores dot ebay dot com dot au/AUSTSALES-DIRECT

    they're waterproof & fit well (I'm larger than you're saying), & he is good to deal with (granted I went to Gosford to try them on - not an option for you since you're south of the border!).