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Troublesome ZZR250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by rc36, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. My son-in-law has recently got his "P's" and is really enjoying riding. He's had the bike (ZZR350) serviced and it starts first time now which is a vast improvement.

    However, the last 2 times we've been for a ride, the bike has spluttered to a halt after about 8 kms of riding for no apparent reason. If you leave it for a few minutes then start it, it starts and runs again.

    Tonight it got about 10 k's from home and died again. It refused to restart altogether so we tried pushing it, still no go. Waited a few minutes, choke on, and it started and ran fine.

    I took it for a quick ride and really revved it (10-11000 rpm) and it went like a shell.

    So, is he not using the revs peoperly and "babying" it which causes it to "load up"??

    He's a new rider and probably thinks that he should get the thing into top gear as soon as possible, like you'd do in a car.

    Any suggestions??
  2. Could be over fueling ?? Dont think riding it gently would cause spluttering. But tell him they love to rev. Change gears around the 8000-9000 rpm range. Once they rev they go as you found out.
  3. Is a shell fast or slow?

    Minimum 5000rpm when moving, they fart and splutter at any less and it cant be doing the engine any good.
    Between 6k and 8k is normal relaxed riding revs, dont change gears before 8k while accelerating, cruise on 6k (until you go faster than 80 then you have no choice).
    If heading up the pass let it have plenty of revs, dont try and make it chug up at 6k.

    Take it to the redline if you want to get anywhere fast :twisted: It wont do the little thing any harm.
  4. and all that stuff too. !!
  5. this has happened to me.

    try the fuel filter $10 part

    i had something similar, 3 stops in 40kms on the freeway, went straight to bike shop and this was it.

    i also then did a service on the tank.

    hope it helps
  6. yeah, i'd be betting on fuel system too. line/filter, maybe the switch and at worst, dirty carbs. used to have very similar issues with my HZ wagon, especially bad on hot days, but it would conk, the filter would be dry, wait 10-15 and the thing would start again. it'll most likely just be air getting in somewhere :D
  7. Wow, that many replies in this short space of time. Thanks heaps guys.

    Will pass the info on.
  8. i too have this problem with, mine.... and everytime it has happened is when i fill her up with shell fuel. I haven't had this happen with any other type of fuel, but the only 2 times when i was in need of fuel and shell was the only servo in sight, i have put in enough to get me a bit further down the road, to another servo, and sure enough it's stops on me

    Might look into changing the fuel filter and maybe even a carbie clean.
  9. tank vent
  10. Check that you haven't pinched any fuel hoses.

  11. Good morning sir.

    Step right over here and stand in front of this Howitzer.

    Don't worry about the noise......
  12. It won't hurt a bit!
  13. I thought it could have been slow, as in snail, or turtle :LOL:
  14. How long did you ride it for? more than 10km??

    Something very similar was happening to my first bike... exactly 10km and it would stop dead... fiew minutes later started fine...

    as it turned out... the guy who sold it to me told me to turn the fuel tap OFF every time I stoped the bike... me being all new and excited to riding would turn the fuel off when riding and turning it on when the bike would stop.. (I was actualy turning it to prine)