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Troubles with take off - 2 stroke

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by wrxbox, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. Now I’m only new to bikes so I don’t know if this is normal or not.
    I have a 2001 Cagiva Mito 125 (and a 1993 Mito unregistered and 4sale)
    When I try to take off fast at the lights the bike sort of bogs down, it goes then sort of hesitates and chugs, it’s not until I get right up in the reves that it finally takes off. Am I giving it to much throttle to soon or something?
    I took my other bike (1993 model) out for a run for the first time last night the engine sounds real beafy compared to my 2001 model, it must be the carbon exhaust giving it that nice note, when you hit power-band it really packs a punch, I wish my other bike went like this. I think I need to do some work to get my bike up to scratch. Does an after market muffler make much difference to power? Or just sound nice?
    I really noticed the difference on the early model bike without the steering dampener, although the 93 model bike goes harder the 2001 model is a nicer bike to ride.

  2. Mat, you really need to go to a cagiva forum for the best advise, but I'm guessing this thing may have a restrictor or something.

    It may be geared different.

    It may be knackered.

    It may be oiling incorrectly

    The carby may be set up completly wrong.
  3. Don't 2 strokes need a fist full of revs anyway?
  4. Mitos are restricted by the stock exhaust.

    Your 93 would be putting out about 30 odd hp whereas your 2001 which is probably still restricted is putting out about 15hp.

    A new exhaust is what you need or you can do a cut and weld on the stock that derestricts it but with a new exhaust you'll get the optimum result. Arrow or Gianelli, there's a few other makers you can find.

    Once you do that you'll probably need to increase the size of your mainjet in the carby or risk running lean and seizing. A airbox mod might be in the need too but dont just drill holes in it or something bodgey because you'll probably end up doing more harm than good. Two srokes require precise airboxes.

    The 2001 should take off fine if there's nothing wrong with it apart from the restriction, you just need to get up it a bit more, don't be afraid to ride the clutch a bit at 6000+ rpm.
  5. Yeah, you gotta have high revs...

    I had the same problem with my NSR, but I've just learnt to rev the guts out of it at all times!!!
  6. 2 smokers. i mean 2 strokers have very little low down torque. so if it bogs down while taking off, just pull the clutch in a little, the revs will increase clutch out and u should be off. I seem to ride the clutch a little longer.
    If its not ur controlling of the bike, check the throttle adjustment.
    As for pipes, tyga's i think have a nice set of pipes for the mito.
  7. i dont confess to knowing much about strokers, but i had a small experience with a suzuki t20 ... it belonged to a mate of mine and he let me go for a hack, but it wouldnt get any revs up. it turned out the exhaust pipes were full of crap because he'd been using the wrong petrol-oil ratio, AND the wrong grade oil.
    i suppose that it was basically the same thing as having a restrictor in the exhaust, but could be worth a check on your bike. there again, youve probably got a much better oil-fuel feed system