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Troubles buying interstate

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by timnkoo, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. Hi guys, I am from QLD and found a nice little r6 for sale in SA which I would be quite interested in buying. Obviously the only problem is I cannot inspect the bike or test ride it etc etc. The bike is located in Port Lincoln in SA and I was curious if any forum members who live near there would have the time to/would actually want to go an inspect the bike and basically say "yeah it's a decent find or nah stay away".

    No probs if nobody is interested as I think I am asking a bit much obviously but hopefully I can make it up to the member in some way. I just don't really want to put the owner out by asking him to take it to a mechanic to look over it, get a safety cert (which is actually compulsory in QLD) etc etc.

    Feel free to post up any replies as to what I could do/should do and thanks to those who help in any way.

  2. Tim,

    I used to live in Adelaide. Port Lincoln is about 8 hours drive from Adelaide, so finding a fellow Netrider in Pt Lincoln may be difficult. Have you had any photos sent to you re the bike. If not, ask for heaps of photos to be emailed, e.g. close ups of paint, tyres etc, not just general shots. The guy should do it if he is really keen. If it such a good bike at a good price and warrants the effort, what about a cheap Jetstar flight to Adelaide then a Rex flight to Pt Lincoln? Take your gear and ride it back to Brissie if you like it/buy it. You will put another 2000kms on it getting it home however. Weigh up the travel costs there and back. Does it make the bike such a bargain? They don't have safety certificates in SA and you would still have to get one back in QLD. Would you have to replace the tyres after the ride back to QLD? I doubt the owner of the bike will get a mechanical inspection just for an enquiry.

    The bike being in Port lincoln does make it difficult and if you did not like
    the bike, you are will be out of pocket many $$$$$$$$ just to look at it.

    best of Luck.