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Trouble with starting my bike

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Badsi, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Hi guys :) How is everybody going ?? :) I've been much much better as the last time .. :(

    I've been having trouble with it for the last month but always managed to start finally .. the mechanic told me it is like that because of the cold ..

    It is a Vmoto 50cc 2 stroke.

    Kick start doesn’t work either.

    Any ideas what might be the case ??

    I've done some research on the net but didn’t help much .. I’m a noob and don’t really know where all the part are ..

    The oil light was blinking for the last 2 days but after checking it was more then half full .. I toped it up anyway .. Didn’t work .. Is it possible that it run out of oil and overheated (but as I said it was more than half full..)

    I found some quite useful hits for fixing it but don’t know if I its save to do it if I have no experience .. >>??<<

    • A): Make sure your gas tank has gas and have pumped the carburetor primer bulb (clear plastic bubble under the engine.)
    • 8): Make sure your fuel line has no kinks and the line in the gas tank reaches the gasoline.
    • C) Check the spark plug wire for connection.
    • D) Check the fuel/oil ratio. Too much motor oil in the mixture could clot the carburetor.
    • E) Make sure the kill switch is not engaged. Sometimes, the kill switch is bad, so go to the bottom of your scooter and unplug the kill switch wire, then try pull starting the scooter.
    • F) If too many attempts have been made to at starting the engine, there may be excess fuel in the cylinder. So, allow time or remove spark plug to allow fuel to evaporated and then re-connect.
    • H) Pump the priming bulb repeatedly 3-4 times.

    Source: "You must have 5 posts before you can post URL's/Links."

    Would appriciate any help ..

    Maybe I should just take it to a mechanic .. but I would have to spend $80 to just transport it :( ..
  2. There - you answered your own question correctly. NO, it hasn't run out of oil if there really was plenty of oil inside the tank.

    Sorry about the problem. There are not many things you can do without mechanical knowledge or tools.

    Do you have a spark plug spanner?

    Do you have a rider's manual?

    Does it tell you how to remove the spark plug?

    If you can remove the spark plug, replace it with the correct one for your bike. Do not fit a "hotter" plug because someone suggests that will solve the problem.

    With the spark plug out of the engine (Please, Oh please remember when screwing it back in to start it by hand - screw it in several complete turns by hand, with no levers in/on the spark plug tool. This avoids stripping the thread in the cylinder head by "cross-threading" the plug through using a spanner and lever to tighten it when it has been inserted incorrectly) connect the lead to the plug and make sure that the metal end of the plug, any part of it, is "earthed" out on the engine or a similar metal earth point.

    Then try the starter and watch for a small spark to jump across the tip of the spark plug.

    CAUTION: Make sure there is not a lot of petrol or petrol fumes near where the plug is sparking - petrol will ignite if it has pooled somewhere nearby.

    If you have spark and a new plug, the engine should run once you screw it back in correctly.

    Make sure you have the choke on "full" with the throttle shut while you try to start it. Only run the starter for 5 to 10 secs at a time. Rest for 5 secs before trying again.

    Don't keep opening the throttle hoping that it will help it to start - that just stops the choke (cold weather starting help) from working properly.

    All the best

    Trevor G

    PS When you remove the sparkplug it will quite possibly be all black and mucky-looking on the engine end. If it is wet and shiny as well, the engine is flooded.

    Before I give you all the flooded engine tips, could you please remove the plug first, and either take a pic or give me a good description.
  3. WoW I am quite surprised but I managed to fix it by myself :) Cleaned the Spark plug and spraid it with some "special" stuff. It started the second time after cleaning it.

    Thanx for your post "Trevor G" anyway :) It was very useful in doing it :cool:

    Now I just need to fix a flat tyre ;) Third time in 1.5 month :/ .. But yea the most "difficult" part is done so I am happy :)
  4. Now you can start charging all your friends for fixing their bikes.

    What "special" stuff?

    Always keep a spare, new spark plug handy - two stroke plugs can fail at any time. You cannot easily reuse a used spark plug.

    All the best

  5. I reckon the special stuff was "start ya bastard" in the carbie or wd40 on the electricals
  6. Yea it was WD40 ;) Good shot Smee ;) It was pretty fun to fix it and I learned some basic stuff what can save me $ and become very useful sometimes ;)
  7. Good work, dude. You just learned something new and saved yourself 80 bucks. :grin: