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Trouble with rear brakes

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Amor, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. Hey, so im new to this forum but i've been unable to find anything all that useful. My biggest problem i think will be my lack of knowledge on advice given, but ive gotta start somewhere. So to the issue, i dropped my bike going round a corner early in the morning and couldnt see the dirt on the road. This obviously left scratchs on my fairings which im in the process of fixing, my issue is that once i took off my fairing to work on it and put it back on, my rear break has stopped working, short of me having to press it really hard. The leaver isn't loose or moving freely, it just doesnt want to move, as if over pressurized. My bike is a GSX650F 08 model. I think i made a fair fcuk up, i was tightening the bolts holding on the right footpeg/break peddle, and while distracted, also tightened the 2 bolts that seems to attach the break peddle to the footpeg mount, or maybe has something to do with the compression of the footpeg? i don't actually know, just guessing at this stage. I did loosen these bolts the same amount as i managed to tighten them (which wasn't much). Any help would be really appreciated, probably the more detailed the better.

  2. probably bent something, take a picture
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  3. take it to a bike shop
    is more appropriate
  4. it wont let me post links to photos or display them till i have 3 posts lol, so im just gonna make a couple to get there :\ sorry if its not the done thing.
  5. this should be 3
  6. either take it to a bike shop
    or learn how to use a camera
  7. hey uncle greg, how bout you give some direction instead of being an arsehole? i made it pretty clear in my first post, even to ignorant people like yourself that i don't know much about this, so i don't know what you need to see in the photo, it's a pretty easy link make there.
  8. Hello Andrew,

    Welcome to the forum. Difficult to tell from the pictures but is the linkage to the master cylinder binding on the exhaust perhaps? It is brake by the way. ;) Your brake has undergone a break and is broken. :) rearbrake.
  9. dude
    take it to a shop
    you don't know what you are fcuking with and obviously don't know how important brakes are on a motor cycle
    oh im not fcuking ignorant by the way
  10. haha thanks for simplicity and the diagram. Would anyone have any experience in something like this happening and a suspicion on what the issue may be and out to fix it?
  11. Thread titled edited for grammar nazi's :whistle::p


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  12. yeah ok mate, do i need to say it twice, "ive gotta start somewhere", this is the issue i have, and i want to learn, so why not ask people who i made the assumption weren't pricks, like you're being, and who might actually be able to help me with the issue from which i can learn from. You sound like someone who is sick of apprentices. Don't respond if ya want like what ya see
  13. don't ever turn up for one of my rides wanker
  14. LOL ok mate? i don't know who you are? but ill try my best. By the way, what exactly is it that i've done to offend you? short of defend myself?
  15. you didn't defend yourself
    I gave you sound advice
  16. "learn how to use a camera" is where you started being offensive. To be honest, i don't know what the issue is about me wanting to learn, do you have something against me trying to know more about bikes? Sorry i'm interested and like to gain more knowledge? If everyone on here is like you i'll just move on, sorry to be too incompetent for you
  17. It is near on impossible to diagnose something like this remotely, the rear brake is hydraulic so there is a cylinder operated by the brake pedal (master cylinder) which pushes brake fluid through a pipe to operate the rear brake callipers by the slave cylinder. A bike drop is not likely to have damaged the hydrualic part of the system but more likely to have bent some of the mechanical linkage. You will just need to inspect it and check.

    Greg is right in saying brakes are not something to get wrong so if you are unsure then it is best to get a mechanic to look at it.
  18. oh yeah
    and welcome to the forum