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Trouble with a 180 bend

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by POW365, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. Im having trouble with a 180 bend entry onto the motorway near work.
    Feels like I have to slow down because its on a declining slope and turns hard left.
    Todays effort saw me turning way too wide and nearly over the outside right hand line.
    I was going very slow and was only able to speed up once out of the turn.
    It's a blind corner, so I have nothing to focus my head position on.
    What should I do in this situation?
    Is it right to slow down so much?

  2. most people find they can absolutely SMASH left handers. but to ask if it's ok you slow down so much, we'd need to know how much you slow down.
    downhill slopes aren't really a problem in themselves, it's when the road camber goes outward too, then things get interesting if you overcook it.

    do you lean over more compared to the bike? it feels kinda awkward when you first start, but honestly the bike will go round corners better if you lean.
    i'm not suggesting you hang off like a GP rider, just lean over so your head is in line with the mirror. transferring your bodyweight inside like that alters the bike/rider centre of gravity, which in turn means the bike will go round the corner with less lean. in turn, with practice, you'll be able to go faster
  3. just take your time mate...ease into it don't try and get upto full speed before you hit the corner and hold a consistent speed going through the corner until your coming out of it then you start to speed up on the exit
  4. look at the apex till you see the exit.
    it is correct to stay wide till then. dose'nt matter how far around the corner goes.
    then you exit tight.

    this thread needs Rob.
  5. A bit of rear brake and clutch slip will see you right.
  6. Is it this one matie?


    It might help looking through youtube a motorcyclist vlogs.

    Here's one of a run through The Putty rd (not sure if it's someone here). where you can watch how the guy (and the bikes in front) take both right and left corners. Alot of blinds too. Just note the entry set up and where they exit.


  7. 180 is pretty quick, try it at 100 for a while and once you get that nailed up the speed.
  8. Go from 6th to 2nd or 3rd, feathering the clutch (less u have slipper?) and back that sucker in to the apex....then gas it full throttle to keep the rear skipping out sideways....

    In other words the correct way to negotiate this bend would be to DRIFT :D
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  9. Start wide, look toward your vanishing point, you will going slow anyway so it being a blind corner won't matter too much.

    Dragging the rear brake can help keep it smooth, smooth is where you want to be.


    When you've got that sorted, start working on j-rads method :)
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