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Trouble turning right

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by oohsam, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys/Gals
    Im a new rider. Been riding a weeek. almost clocked up 1000k's already. I take my bike out every day/night...Practice in wet weather, heavy traffic, city etc. I really enjoy riding and am just trying to get as much experience under my belt.

    I do not have much trouble on the road and Im just trying to master my turns/corners.
    I have a brand new Hyosung GT250r

    Today, I was goin around my area and there are a few right/left/right/left turns...In a L type turn formation.
    I noticed that when I was turning today, the back end felt a little bit wobbly. Im not sure if its becuase I was turning/leaning more than I have been before and maybe the tyre wear was uneven on the outer edges of teh tyre or if i was just holding on too tight and causing the wobble from unbalance.

    I kept doing the turns but tried to hold on with my legs and losen my grip and I got it ok with the left turns. I can do them at higher speeds and they are much smoother but when i turn right, its not as speedy/smooth and I get a little scared tipping to the right. Im not sure, maybe its becuase the throttle is on that side and the excess pressure i put from the lean to support my upperbody plays around with the throttle or not..

    can someone give any advice?

  2. tyre pressures correct?
  3. Yeah I was thinking that...but the bike is under 1 week old...I thought the tyre was flat, jumped off felt ok....Thought "tyre pressure couldnt have gone down much in under 1 week"...or maybe im wrong.
  4. if you turn left 3 times, it equals a right turn :grin:
  5. The shit shinko excuse for a tyre they use on Hyosung is as close to death rubber as you can get.
    Change them for real ones.
  6. Really? So changing the tyres would fix me up and make the bike feel a little better?

    Whats a set of tyres cost...Im assuming round the 500 mark. for something decent?
  7. good tyres would definitely make it feel better; practice, however, will fix you up :)
  8. I have ridden the GT. And got the very same experience when cornering relatively lightly.
    A good set of dunlop tyres will be about $220 rear, $160 front.
    They will make a heap of difference.
  9. hehe LoL obviously the tyres cant make me a better rider Lol..

    So is my technique ok? Is it becuaes Im putting more pressure on the throttle when I turn right?
  10. I think your original idea that it was weight on the throttle may have been pretty close to the mark. You obviously know about the issue, though. Just get yourself to a big empty car park and practice turns keeping your weight off the bars, just pushing lightly, forward, not down
    Pay attention to whether you're unconsciously counteracting that push with the other hand, too - a common error. You should be able to pretty much turn (almost) with one hand.
  11. At noob speed I hardly think the tyre rubber is going to play a major factor.

    Search cornering... there's plenty of advice.

    You could probably do well to get some HART one on one instructor time. Could be the best $65 you spend at this early stage.
  12. Thanks guys.
    Yeah I think i've read every single post/thread on cornering, watched every video and spoke to every rider for tips. Always hard to put it into play though.
    I'll look into HART....see if i can get booked in. I want to get this down pat now so I dont get any bad habbits.
  13. The wobbly-right-turn thing seems quite common amongst new riders: a number of people I spoke to when I did my license course admitted to it.

    Generally it seems that if you're already nervous about right handers, you're not going to be anywhere near as smooth on them: you'll be more tensed up, which makes any corrections in the corner rigid - leading to wobbles. The same rigidity makes your throttle control less consistent - again giving wobbles.

    Before shelling out more cash on new tyres try just relaxing and practicing more :)

    The Shinko tyres may not be the best, but they're okay for me :)
  14. There are two possibilities; mechanical and psychological.

    Check the tightness on the steering head, as this can cause problems and it's ocassionally not tightened correctly at delivery. Get the dealer to check it. Also check the rear wheel alignment, if its way off it could case this problem too.

    If the bike is OK then most likely it's all in your head mate, and very common to have a problem turning right. There are a few things that could help:

    1) Don't ride for a few days, you'll probably find that the problem will not be there next time.
    2) Find a roundabout and go around it a few times.

    I don't think it's worth private lessons at this early stage, it's nothing, really, don't worry about it and it will go away through practice.
  15. Thanks StRider. Will take that advice on board. Will get the bike checked over at the 1000k Service...
  16. No worries mate; you need to have the confidence that there's nothing wrong with your bike, only then can you address your skills.
  17. Yeah you're 100% right...
    I'll see how I go tomorrow..
  18. new tyres take a while to scrub in as well right ?
  19. One other thing to try: if you have a friend around with more riding experience, explain to them what it is you're experiencing when turning to the right and then see if they can replicate it when riding your bike.

    If a more experienced rider agrees there's something there then I'd look at taking it to the dealer. Most likely however it's just nerves :wink:

    Oh and I wouldn't worry too much about replacing the tires. Stock rubber may not be great but it is functional. Better tyres are always a plus (in other words its not wasted money but I doubt it will fix the issue you're having).

    I would also check the tire pressures (with a gauge not by feel) against those listed in the manual.
  20. Also, watch Zoolander. Derek had the same problem but from memory it was a left turn he had issues with. It may help. :LOL:
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