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Trouble strikes in NZ

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Roarin, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. Who said motorcycling can be bad for your health? Ban paddling in lakes I say. "Why?" I hear you say. Well -its like this. After travelling about 4000kms in the last week along the best roads I have seen in my life, I decided to call in on some mates. Who happened to be camping beside a lake. With 3 jet ski's. And a 350 chev powered ski boat. Oh, & I almost forgot the twin engined Seedo jet boat. Recipe for fun right? Lets go waterskiing is the call.
    So off down to the lake we go. So yours truely starts to walk into the water complete with slalom ski. And kicks something under the water. Ouch. Toe is a bit sore. Think nothing more of it. Continue skiing till just before lunch. Goodbyes are said & off I go.
    For about an hour. By crikey my foot is getting sore. Another 1/2 hour slips by. Boot is starting to feel pretty tight. Another 1/2 hour goes by. I am starting to feel what can best be described as rather ordinary. Come to a small town. Spot medical centre.
    By this stage all I can do is park bike & hop to the reception desk.
    Short version is a trip to hospital, X-rays, IV antibiotics & a 10 day course of horse tranquillizers. Well thats what they look like to me. For an infected foot. From paddling in a lake.
    Moral of the story -don't get off your bikes people. Especially to go paddling. Cause you may end up like me. Stranded for the next two days with your foot in the air. Waiting for yor foot to return to normal size to be able to get your boots back on.

    P.S I am having the time of my life. Backpacker accomodation is the best. Do any of you realize how many young single overseas female tourists stay in these places? And how many single male motorcycle riders stay there? The odds are quite favourable. Cheers all. Andrew
  2. mmm... horse tranquilisers :LOL:
  3. You lucky bastartd Andrew!

    Oh how it sounds like soooooo much fun. Can't wait to get over there and have some fun on the roads it sounds like an amazing place :)

    Hope your foot heals up ok and enjoy the rest of your riding.

  4. Arghhh...you stupid plick (as they said in a movie).
    Go and suffer those Euro-tourists, serves ya right...
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Especially in tropical waters, on and near coral reefs, it is so easy to get a nasty infection. In my backpacking days in Asia I've seen a number of most innocent scratches turn into gaping, festering wounds!
    But I reckon you were pretty unlucky to have that happen to you in NZ.
  6. NZ backpackers.......those where the days!!!
  7. You've really put your foot in it this time, Andrew! :LOL:
  8. Be careful around them backpackers, the foot might not be the only nasty infection you get :LOL:.
  9. Things go from bad to worse (in NZ)

    Hello again peoples. Unfortunately the amount of riding I have done since last talking to you all has been............................................wait for it..............................none :cry:
    Short version. Waiting for foot to return to normal size so boots can be put back on. Day and a 1/2 later foot starts to resemble a watermelon. Something is not right here. Trip back to hospital. Arguments with doctor ensue. "I think there is something stuck in there" "The X-Ray doesn't show anything" "How about an ultrasound then?"
    End result, a trip to the operating theatre, a piece of wood about 50mm long by 7mm diameter removed & a 5 day rest in a hospital bed.
    I think I must be a test subject for the effects of every antibiotic known to man. Cause I have tried them all. Not by choice mind you. But I can tell you about some giving you a taste in your mouth like cats p!ss (the nurse came up with that one -I can't confirm it but I can reccomend not drinking cats p!ss if thats what it tastes like)
    Or the other one that makes you huck your guts up within about 30 seconds flat of it hitting your blood stream.
    Or the one that I am dead certain must have crushed glass as part of its composition (well thats what my @rsehole tells me every time I take a dump)
    Through to others that do exactly nothing, nil, zip, zero. Take your pick.
    But the shotgun approach does work. Eventually. Cause the infection has finally started to subside. Yay. Which should allow me to hop back on the bike by about Sunday. But don't anyone tell the doctors (although I think they might have a sneaking suspicion of what is about to happen & the time frame it will be happening in)
    But it hasn't been all bad news. There are some very nice nurses in Christchurch hospital. Not quite nice enough to give out thier phone numbers mind you but still nice all the same.
    And there are some hell funny stories I could tell you about 1/2 sedated patients, snoring & nurses. But not right now. Cause I've got some sleep to catch on. Hehehe. Catch you all later. Cheers, Andrew
  10. Aw shit mate, hope things improve for you over there...

    If you hear the snap of a rubber glove being pulled on, it's time to run away.
  11. Oh man...you really got all the luck....
    Good to hear you'll be back on the road again soon, though.
    For some compensation...run the "tourist-drive" out the Banks Peninsula to Akaroa, starting at Lyttelton (turn left outta the tunnel, past the "time-tower?" on the hilly outcrop, then onto the ridge). After that stick to the ridges until it drops into Akaroa (there's a historic marae about 10k out the other side of town, great road , too)
    Roads are bit gravelly in places, the rest is just plain spectacular.

    Here's to an early "release" :LOL: :LOL:

    Ahhh. and howabout bringing that "woody" along to coffee-night? :LOL:
  12. Damn! hope rest of the trip makes up for the delay ...
    Can personally highly recommended that run too :grin: one of my fav little places in NZ
  13. 50mm long by 7mm diameter? Holy crap!!! :shock:

    Look on the bright side - once you've recovered, your immune system will be able to handle absolutely anything! :LOL: