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trouble starting

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by TOMatoPASTE, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. hi
    had a big problem starting the bike up the other night. had ridden a good 45 mins out to a mates and upon trying to leave a few hours later..... the bike wouldnt start. starter motor was sounding fine but no sign whatsoever of combustion :? after maybe 3-5 minutes of playing with choke and accelerating which didnt seem to have any affect got some feint signs of combustion and it was going as good as anythin within 30 seconds of that. there was no backfire which suggests that it wasnt flooded or overchoked (i assume that can happen) and it started fine the next day. so basically, im completely confused, any advice would be much apreciated :grin:

  2. As you said it was not flooded. But you can smell when it floods. You will smell petrol.

    When was the last time you cleaned or replaced the spark plugs?

    Also have you done a plug chop This will tell you how the carb/carbs are working. http://justkdx.dirtrider.net/printcarbtuning.html
  3. spark plugs was the first thing im gunna check out but didnt have time on the weekend. the only maintenance iv ever done is add petrol haha and adjust the idle speed and clutch lever. iv only had the bike 3 weeks and dare i say, it came via sumoto haha but hey i got freebies and cheap gear for 2 years :p thanks for the advice. anyone else had similar problem? could anyone suggest why it took several minutes of the starter motor turning over before i got a single explosion in the engine.....? Almost as if the stater motor was warming it up :?
  4. the zx2r 88 89 can flood very easily mine used to stall if i had been cruiseing for a while and gass it up a hill or round a corner. nothing to do but sit and wait 5 mins. a roll start can help get you going if you are not that patient. get the cabs cleaned and serviced and the plugs done ask for a tune for midrange and you should see an imidiate improvment. take it to sharp tune in dandenong or international motorcycle importers in knoxfield for the best help