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Trouble starting the GPX

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by trinity, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Had trouble thought I'd flooded her. Eventually got her started but when I let the clutch out revs drop straight to zero & she stalls. Any ideas?

  2. It's a Kawasaki, the clutches often stick when cold. Try warming teh bike up with the clutch in for about 15 seconds, and pump the clutch lever as well. The idea is to get some fresh il between th eclutch plates.
    And put the revs up a little when engaging a gear.
    It will go KLUNK first time of the day, but it's a Kawasaki.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. When I had my ZZR250 it would be a prick to start if it was left for more than a week. Otherwise would start first pop. Moral : fire them up once a week for a min or two.
  4. Yes, Carburetor Kawasakis (and most carb bikes) can be a biatch to start with modern petrol if they've been parked a while. The carbs have some venting to the outside air which allows all the volatile hydrocarbons to evaporate, leaving stuff that doesn't burn easily. You have to turn over the engine enough to pump some of the crap stale fuel out, and suck some good fuel from the tank into the carbs, before it will start. The fuel tank is a fairly sealed unit, so the petrol in it doesn't go stale as quickly.
  5. sound to me more like the side stand switch is faulty or broken.
  6. Don't think it can be what you guys say about carby & not having started her, I'd been riding every day. Something else I noticed she's also revving of her own accord as well as stalling, could it be the choke :? Going to maintenance course tonight, last 1 of 3, previous 2 have been as good as useless hope tonight is better, will ask while I'm there.
  7. +1. Seems pretty likely.
  8. I don't think sidestand switch, if it was as soon as you engage a gear (before you get to let the clutch out) it would stall.

    Is it running on both cylinders?
    Is the idle speed sufficient to keep it running one load is placed on it when you release the clutch?
  9. Sidestand switches are a perfect candidate for the "cuts out as soon as you let the clutch out" problem.

    Revving high could be related to choke, idle speed knob, or sticky throttle.
  10. Revving prob fixed - choke! Probably needs new cable soon. Other seems to be intermittent or maybe it's me :? :oops: