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Trouble starting bike

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Jae-z, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. Hey! :)
    Very recently bought a second-hand Honda CB250F Hornet 2000 from a private seller, 56000ks on it, probably should have had it checked out beforehand (yeah I know that now :c). Anyway, it was all fine and good the first day then the next morning (it'd been raining the previous night and I park in the street) the engine turned but wouldn't start and the lights started dimming, horn was quiet until it stopped working. So I ended up jump starting it with my old motorcycle (wrongly turned the other bike on and it blew the fuses on my new one; indicators, brake lights, horn and dash wouldn't work but I replaced them all no trouble) and that worked, so I figured it was just a battery issue.
    I've had to jumpstart the bike about 3 times in the past few days as well as a few hill starts, first two times jumpstarting it worked perfectly with no issues but attempts after that have had the engine turning well but it wouldn't catch properly.
    Bike tended to cut out in idle at the lights and whatnot so I've had to keep the revs up when stopping otherwise it's a pain to get going again.
    Bought a Katana battery which was the same one as the old one but going home the bike stopped and I had to wait it out for a friend to help. We tried jump starting, hill starting but it wouldn't keep going and with the old battery it would cut out after a while. So in desperation we tried using the new battery straight off the bat, filling it then waiting for about half an hour, put it in and whatnot, then hoped it would work with a hill start. It kind of did, engine kicked in but it was unreliable and I had no control of the power so we ended up getting the bike in a trailer.
    Tried a hill start this morning, it worked for a bit but cut out in idle and wouldn't start up again. Jump starts still not working with the same problem.
    Decided to change the spark plugs (which definitely needed changing) and hoped that would work but apparently that didn't change a thing.
    Going to charge the battery when the charger comes but at this point I'm feeling it's not a battery issue, if when we jumpstart it it doesn't work then I figured it has to be something else but I'm not sure what that something else might be. For a beginner rider I'm not really sure what to look for, any help would be appreciated, thank you!

  2. I would suggest you get it serviced.
  3. Great chance to play with your 'new' old bike. Sounds like you have a couple of small problems. Take the seat off and chase down the electrical wiring for any place the insulation has worn away over the years and tape them up with electrical tape. You can do a temp fix on with the fuel idle screw, until you get the confidence to do some gasket changes. I had a gn250 with the same problems. You have an old jap bike, so the problems can't be much. Or you can get it serviced, convenient but not as much fun.
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  4. Get a new battery, check all your wiring for any shorts or worn pieces, and it would also be wise to check your carby make sure its all working right. After that give her a service and see how she goes.
  5. You have all the benefits of having an old jap bike. Nice easy minimal fuss, always relatively fast and cheap to fix. :)
  6. Yeah I'm saving to get a full service (apparently over $1000 for new shock absorber, back tyre, chain, sprockets and touch up...) but this happened so I'd rather play around for a bit and see what I can do :p Don't think I'm confident enough doing everything for myself haha

    Will do, I'll check out the wires tomorrow and see what I can fix there. Idle screw is going to be a bunch of fun isn't it :c Thanks for the suggestions! :)

    Going to try make this new battery work first, I'll make it damn well work haha!

    Alrighty then, thanks for the responses, I'll see what I can do and see what happens :p
    Any other suggestions would be hella too
  7. check voltage while engine is running
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  8. Good to hear mate, i love seeing people get their own hands dirty instead of just paying someone else to do it!
    Let us know how you get on with it all! :)
  9. Charged the battery, checked the wires (all good but I taped up some stuff), readjusted the spark plugs, topped up on oil, drained the fuel and topped it up and we have success!
    Not quite sure which one of those was key but the bike is now working :>
    The idle revs are still low and it cut out at the lights today, twice. So I'm going to have to adjust that, unless that's a different problem :|
  10. Good to hear :) On the gn the idle screw is finger adjustment, near the carb just under the tank. You can probably youtube cb250 idle screw and most likely get all the info you need. Make sure you take your bike for a run before adjusting the idle, because the choke will interfere with your idle rate Well done on sorting the other stuff out.
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  11. Thanks mate, I'll look it up now :happy:
  12. Good to hear you are up and running!